The magnetism of mystery continues to surround the figure of Jim Morrison, the poet who led “TheDoors” and who transcended the music scene to become a prominent icon of the cursed generation of rock & roll. Today, on its 77th anniversary, we want to remember it.

Tremendously influenced by the literature of Nietzsche, Rimbaud, Baudelaire or Kerouac and the poetry of William Blake, his songs breathed the thoughts of these works, as well as esoteric ideas full of mystery and death. Morrison had a wild personality and his compositions, along with his particular voice and his staging, elevated him as one of the most iconic and influential singers in the history of music.

Poetry came into his life as a form of escape. At this time he created another personality that he himself called “King Lizard” and that allowed him to enter a level of consciousness in which drugs had a leading role. It was a false “me” in which there were no moral limits. “I am the Lizard King, I can do anything,” he wrote in one of his best-known poems ‘Celebration of the lizard’.

Jim began in a literary movement called the Beat Generation, which brought together authors who expressed their interest in topics such as the rejection of the values ​​of American society and were oriented to the study of Eastern philosophy; in addition to giving free rein to sex, as well as the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

After graduating from the College of Film at the University of California, Jim met Ray Manzarek and showed him his writings, specifically, he recited the poem entitled “Moonlight Drive.” What I did not know is that with Ray they would end up founding the band The Doors, along with John Densmore and RobbyKrieger.

“Riders on the storm”, “Touch me” “Love me two times”, “Light My Fire”, “Moonlight Drive” “Break onThrough (Tothe other side)” “The end” “Alabama song” “StrangerDays” “LA Woman ”or“ Roadhouse Blues ”, are some of the songs that demonstrate the genius of the rock and roll band that involved combining elements of jazz such as the organ, guitar and drums, managing to develop and establish a characteristic style, the Psychedelic Rock, inspiring other groups such as The Byrds, The Yard birds, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Ramones; While of the current bands, some adopted the sound, others the personality and egocentricity of Morrison, such as Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis, among others.

Morrison’s rebellious attitude, sense of freedom, and willful transgression of conventional morality seduced the masses into utter intoxication. The Doors represented the evolution in music, rhythm and harmony of his work and together with Morrison’s rebellious and wild temperament captivated and moved a whole generation of young people who clamored for the vindication of new values ​​and, hence, his extraordinary legacy.

Sadly, like most great artists, after rise, reign and fame came decline. Morrison, exhausted by all that and having succumbed to scandals, decided to leave the United States and move, together with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson, his eternal love, to Paris, where, finally, he died on July 3, 1971.

Jim Morrison is remembered to this day for all the classics he has left us and for his unrepeatable place in history, with his subversive personality and his unbridled talent, extended in each letter, each composition. Morrison was enveloped in a vibrant magnetism that makes you feel freedom, excitement, euphoria, and at the same time makes you reflect on his deep lyrics. Composer, singer-songwriter, poet, writer and director, Jim Morrison is a legend.