US President-elect Joe Biden has not achieved his success overnight, but has a political career of nearly 50 years and a life of 77 years full of tenacity and persistence behind him.

Perseverance is a constant in Biden’s life and career. He first ran for President of the United States in 1988, and again in 2008, before serving as Vice President under Barck Obama. The third time is the charm and in all likelihood Biden will be proclaimed President after being the most voted candidate in all of U.S. history. U. And he will also be the oldest president.

Biden grew up with a speech impairment, which he has steadily and willfully reduced since his twenties. When asked how he did it, he said reciting poetry in the mirror. In a letter he wrote to the president of the National Stuttering Association in 2009, Biden said: “I still remember the hard lessons of growing up with this disability, but these experiences taught me that when you fight with all your soul to get something you can do it.” Franklin, “Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things.” An example of persistence is that he had to ask his current married wife five times before this, now a great partner, said yes.

Biden, a Catholic religion, but a man who is understanding, kind and tolerant of all people and beliefs, is the candidate that has been supported by those who believe that American society must still change and eliminate inequalities of race, sex and all kinds of conditions .

Almost a hundred years ago, President Coolidge said that “nothing in this world can replace persistence”. “Not yet” never means. It means reevaluating, working and seeking ways to achieve the objectives.

Biden has had many things to overcome and one of them tremendously difficult on a personal level: After a car accident in 1972 that tragically killed her first wife and daughter, her other two children were hospitalized with multiple fractures and physical injuries. Biden considered giving up his Senate seat, but instead, he was sworn in while in the hospital and made the 250-mile daily round trip to help his children. During Biden’s 36 years in the Senate , traveled daily between Delaware and Washington DC, a total of three hours of travel each weekday, in order to be present in their lives.

Commitment to one cause does not have to mean abandoning another. If the will is strong and the purpose clear, the most extreme circumstances can be overcome. That’s the case of Joe Biden. Even his age has not been an obstacle to fighting to reach the leadership of a nation that, perhaps now, as he dreams and says, he can show that the word united is not a mere adjective and the declaration of human rights is faithfully fulfilled under his presidency with the help of the first African American and Indian descent to come to the vice-presidency, Kamala Harris.