It is one of the architectural projects and the most important cultural of the beginning of this century opened its doors in 2019 and was already a referent of the social and cultural life, not only of Hong Kong, the city where it is located, but throughout the world. K11 Musea is more than a museum, is a musea changing… and alive. The cultural and social center more innovative and dynamic of all the artistic manifestations of today.

Located in Victoria Dockside, where it was one of the trendy areas of the great Asian metropolis (now modernized and revitalized) occupies more than 200,000 square meters, with 10 floors and more 4,500 square meters of vegetation. The architecture is modern and colossal, an authentic building of the future, built with natural and sustainable materials and elements, such as limestone, wood and glass, among others. Also has its own system for the collection of rainwater that provides all of the irrigation water and consumption and, in addition, thanks to its situation, uses sea water to your system cooling, reducing the dependence on energy consumption outside the minimum.

K11 Musea (the name plays with the concept of museum and also with the word sea in English, sea, either linking also with Greek mythology and the muses) is a center of fashion and life, a place to learn, know, experience, visit, buy and live. A space that allows us to enter a technological and, at the same time, natural and scientific world, where art and design, both in the exterior and interior architecture, produce unique sensations.


Culture and life that include exhibitions, films, performances, restoration, fashion, design furniture, shops of all kinds… A center surrounded by hotels, buildings and meeting points, as The Kube, that make the visitor of a short stay, medium or long, keep in memory have been in a world where the present is inseparably linked to the dreams of the future.

The target to which aims primarily the center are millennials (young people born in the last 20 years of the twentieth century and that are already adults in the first twenty years of the twenty-first century), but without a doubt, any traveller, any person lover of art, culture, architecture and creativity, will feel that the visit to the K11 is one of the things most enriching that has lived.

The K11 Musea has permanent exhibitions and events and activities that are changing throughout the year. In addition, there are special tours by the interior and exterior that flooded the senses, taking advantage of all existing technological advances in audio and video.

In sum, everything in the K11 Musea turns out to be amazing. Because it is a place in which magic and reality get together to penetrate the borders of the imagination and the knowledge.