Daughter of top model Cindy Crawford and entrepreneur Rander Gerber, Kaia has taken over from her mother in fashion and has an exceptional and early career that includes collaborations with brands such as Calvin Klein, Fendi, Versace, Coach, Saint Laurent, among others, who have made her one of the most acclaimed models in the fashion industry.

At the age of ten, the young model made her debut with Donatella Versace, an image of her youthful line, Versace Young. A brand with which her mother has a special bond because she was part of the cast of muses of the ever-remembered, Gianni Versace. In 2015, Kaia made the professional leap as a model by signing with the prestigious agency IMG Models and participating in Alexander Wang’s spring/summer show. That same year, at the age of fourteen, she was crowned as a “revelation of the year” model by the Fashion Media Awards and was also the image of the campaigns of Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu.

In 2017 she was nominated as a model of the year for the Fashion Awards, which finally won the model, Adwoa Aboah. From Meikmag, we are convinced that he will achieve this in the near future. Kaia has achieved something that isn’t within reach of all the top models, wasn’t even achieved by her mother during her long career; not only being one of the indispensable models at the Chanel parades, but also to star in her own collection for the French firm “Kaia x Karl” (2018), together with the eternal “kaiser” of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld.

In 2019 she was in charge of awarding the Best Male Designer Award, which went to the designer Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta, in the latest edition of the British Fashion Awards which took place at the historic Royal Albert Hall. Kaia Gerber not only has one of the most promising careers in the fashion industry, but she’s also one of the biggest influencers of the Z Generation, with over four million followers, thanks also to the work of fetish stylists like Jen Atkin or Monica Rose.Her style is fresh, imposing and not afraid to embrace the purest trend with cool prints and accessories, not forgetting frequent nods to the 90s. Each of her appearances are analyzed in detail and look that hangs on Instagram, a look that makes it a fashion hit based on thousands of likes.

In recent years, Kaia Gerber has shown that having good genes and being the daughter of one of the fashion icons of the 80s, opens the doors to you, but also that you have to rise to the challenge. Certainly, Kaia is the clear example of work, success and own brilliance.