Laetitia Ky began to experience her creative talent as a hobby, without any intentionality behind it. However, over time, she learned that her works had a great impact on people, a fact that allowed her to begin to convey messages as necessary as tolerance, equality and respect for the world in which we live.

The young woman, currently 24 years old, was born in Ivory Coast and graduated in Business Administration from the Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphout-Boigny in Yamousoukro (Ivory Coast), although, after graduating, she discovered that what really concerned her was her artistic side, so she began to study fashion design, although she will develop it in different fields.

In 2016 she began the development of a completely different idea of sculpture that he named “Ky concept”. Since then her incredible creations delight the millennial world through digital platforms such as Instagram, where her account brings together a community of 300 thousand followers. It is important that she has been recognized as one of the 35 most influential young people who speak French by Prix Jeunesse Francophonie 3535 (2018) and one of the “100 people who dominate 2019” by the New York magazine Paper Magazine.

The type of sculpture she carries out is as unique as the unusual material and tools she uses. She is able to create ephemeral works of art on her own hair, which she sculpts with the help of combs, wires or pins. The duration of the artistic creation process ranges from 20 minutes to 6 hours, however, once the figure portrayed with his smartphone is exposed on her Instagram wall, she disassembles it in order to continue modeling new forms. The Ivorian artist creates elements of all kinds, be it an electric guitar or a hat, the symbol of Aries or a baby as a tribute to mothers. However, the figure that best identifies her are the hands and this is stated in a caption of a post on Instagram: “My hand-shaped hair is the expression of my thoughts, which are so strong that they decided to materialize.”
The particular style of the young artist finds her influences in the Afro-punk style through the use of her own hair as identity pride. On the other hand, it presents brushstrokes of a certain Pop reminiscence due to the recurrent use of recognizable images with a certain social charge. The inspiration for her creations is the traditional hairstyles of African women. All these features support the base of some sculptures with which Letitia Ky promotes acceptance and self-love, as well as extolling authenticity.

Through the discourse he deals with in works, she denounces and vindicates issues that affect society and, consequently, raises awareness among young people around the world who follow her work. As she demonstrated in a sculpture she executed on the occasion of the movement #metoo in 2017, which ended up being viral. The purpose of this work is to express its support for women who have suffered some form of abuse, encouraging them to denounce it.It represents it with the silhouette of a woman dressed in a fabric skirt and the arm lifted, next to the figure of a man who lifts her.

Another piece that he published that same year was a gun pointing toward a certain direction. With this image he wanted to denounce the use of firearms.In the caption she manifested the importance of art as a weapon against violence, as well as its power to educate and change the world.

In 2019, he shared with her followers the anger of the anti-abortion laws that had been passed in the United States, by representing a uterus with a few hands. It was a rather controversial work because of the controversy that generated the debate.However, on numerous occasions, she has made other creations in which she shows the beauty of the female body and promotes the term “bodypositive”, a movement that defends the acceptance of the body as it is, freeing itself from stereotypes and ignoring the prevailing canons of beauty.

Other of the projects she has launched is a clothing brand known as “Kystroy”characterized by the use of traditional african prints combined with frayed denim fabric that gives garments a casual, urban look that’s very personal.

It also has a Youtube channel where it uploads videos with the aim of making known what the creative process of its sculptures is.

Laetitia Ky is an example of how young talent has the power to cross borders and influence the digital world. At the age of 24, the Ivorian sculptor has not only managed to make her works admired for the originality that characterizes them, but also for symbolizing values with which she sensitizes the new generations.