Macarena Miletich is a well-known writer and specialist in Vocal Techniques who has just published an important book on voice-related topics, their functionality and how she acts in our relationships and in our own health care and our personal idiosyncrasies.

In the book, and in the many lectures given over the last few years she talks about many things related to voice, identity, its modulation as an instrument of communication and also of the importance of breathing and its modulation and correct use, which can influence physical and psychic health, curbing diseases and eliminating stress , something so damaging to the body’s defenses.

“Breathing is the total activity that frames our life” points out the author and professor of orthophony and diction of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. “Whether we are aware or not, the phenomenon of breathing is present, encouraging every minute of our existence. Any activity, any manifestation and all the processes of expression and communication in human life depends on it”

“The voice is now presented as with new features, since the musical instrument that is the human body has grown in capacity to inspire, in knowledge about air quality, in the application of vowel and consonan schemes that favor health processes and in a growing increase in formulas, vocabulary and contexts for communication between humans, both direct and through technological platforms”

“The 21st century is increasingly focused on the use of devices that favor speed in personal, professional or leisure interaction; at the same time, scientific research is consolidating sound-based resonance technologies or vibration or sonic applications for diagnosis and non-invasive treatments, as beneficial use of sound never poses side effects, as long as it is used in the appropriate stripes that humans can receive”

In the book THE LIVING VOICE we find a novel and enormous interest perspective on the phenomenon of human sonority, on the fact that it is the greatest exponent of the evolution of species, thanks to the possibility of articulated language and the consequent artistic, communicative and evolution capacity that verbalization has brought in history, especially the most recent and current , which frames our contemporary context.

“Everything is communication: the word regains its privileged place, accompanied or profiled by nonverbal communication, intuitive capabilities, the continuous search for beauty in poetry, the themes of songs and the music itself that we can compose and enjoy for expansion and delight of our deepest being, so open to the sensitivity of music and the vibrations of the voice”

In THE LIVING VOICE we find an extensive and attractive thematic range on breathing and its routes; the voice and its inner essences, with some of its secrets that in the book are revealed as the natural voice, the voice that helps in therapy and the voice “that heals us”, like that voice of a friend who comforts and helps us.Also the effects of music and “contemporary” music therapy, which is bringing us torrents of emotion and that recovers the most dejected mood or lifts our spirits and spirit above the stars in melodies and compositions that move our emotions, which reach the center of our sensitivity.

Foto: Macarena Miletich

Broadcasting, listening, integrating and breathing life as artists of our environment, supporting Nature and stepping towards our own evolution, are some of the objectives proposed by Macarena Miletich, with clues and practical routes so that each one finds the most personal and intimate connection with its most sonic expressiveness: the voice itself, in its maximum multilevel capacity and in its diversity of possibilities.