The English capital has always exerted a special fascination for the traveler. London is one of the mythical cities on the planet. An ancient and modern city, full of history and stories, which preserves some emblematic elements known all over the world. From its black taxis that maintain the same brand and shape since the last century to its red telephone booths that remain as a tourist reference point, although their use at present is almost zero.

Buckingham Palace

London is one of the most monumental cities in Europe, for it is European, although on an economic and political level Brexit has taken place and Britain has left the EU this year. However, England is one of the oldest countries in Europe, cradle of the most spoken language in the whole orb (the second by number of countries is Spanish and the third by number of inhabitants, Chinese) and with the most important cultural tradition since Shakespeare, shared with another universal culture, the Spanish culture, that of the homeland of Miguel de Cervantes.

London Eye

London is History and Life. A cosmopolitan city and, at the moment, an example of diversity in its inhabitants. People from all continents populate the former capital of the British Empire. A colorful city, despite its classical monuments and buildings and having some of the best museums in the world, both in Art (Tate Gallery) and in scientific and anthropological (Bristish Museum).

British Museum

It also has the most photographed parliament, the Houses of Parliament, impressive cathedrals, such as St. Paul and Westminster Abbey and two iconic squares: Piccadilly Circus, around which London’s finest cinemas and theaters are concentrated, and Trafalgar Square, with the impressive column erected in honor of one of the most recognized sailors in history, Admiral Nelson.

Westminster Abbey

And a detail that no one can escape: London, even the explosion of New York, is the city with the best clothing stores and shops in the world. It was traditional to travel to London to enjoy the city… and to shop. And not only on large surfaces like Harrods, Macy’s… which also have magnificent buildings, a work of art in themselves, but in markets where you can find everything from exotic fabrics, antique furniture, fashion and old fashion, books with hundreds of years of age ans pages…Among these markets the most famous is Portobello, on Portobello Rd, in the West End, near another of the city’s great identity: Hyde Park, a vast park full of centuries-old trees and a beautiful lake… and also full of stories and mystery urban legends.

Hyde Park

On one side, in the center, is the Royal Albert Hall, perhaps the most famous music auditorium in the world, where classical and symphonic concerts are given alongside performances by mythical musical groups and artists.

Royal Albert Hall

Stretching over 2.000 square kilometers of surface and crossed by the Thames, this multiracial and mestizo city haunted the visitor. In central London, Oxford Street is an unforgettable thoroughfare for the traveller: Shops of all kinds, cinemas, cafes, pubs and restaurants… in one of the most lively and diverse streets in the world. And, very close, there is another area of small shops and entertainment to visit: The Londoner Soho.

Camden Town

The diversity of the population corresponds to the diversity of architectural styles and life forms. London contains neighborhoods as different as Chelsea, with beautiful Victorian homes and the best fashion boutiques, Westminster and Belgravia, with some of the best hotels in the world or the City, the financial capital of the planet, a title that it now shares with Wall Street.


Classicism and modernity, a metropolis full of contrasts, London is a city for every budget. It can be visited with much… or with very little, as there are possibilities of lodging and restoration for all tastes. City, at the same time, of aristocrats and backpackers, one can pass without great distances, from Buckingham Palace and London Tower to the most typical and informal areas.

Tower Bridge

What is the best way to get to know London? Walking, no doubt, but you can also stop by stop and drive along its large subway network, once one of the most modern and fast known and currently renovated and expanded, with its characteristic colored lines.

Picadilly Circus

The real traveler is fascinated with living his great trip, unique and personal. But the best place to start that vital journey of knowledge is a city you will never forget: London, a wonderful and initiatory place, the city that, for a long time, marked the time of the world with its Big Ben.