Born in Kerala, India, Nidhi Sunil is a model, activist and actress. After graduating in law, she first worked as an environmental lawyer. In 2011, she changed her career and became a model, gaining presence in major national and international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Maxim or Harper’s Bazaar.

Later, she began her career as an actress in Bollywood and her jump to the cinema of her occurred with the movie Ganboobai, although her fame was achieved in her country, in 2015, for her role as Samira in Kaash. In 2017, she rose in her modeling career, being named Model of the Year by Vogue India. She has since turned her success into a platform to campaign on the issues that matter most to her: discrimination based on skin color and genocide. Today, Nidhi is one of the most influential young celebrities in India.

She fighting discrimination based on skin color.

Nidhi has become the most influential voice in the fight against discrimination on the basis of skin color in her country. Having suffered bullying at school and being “trolled” on the internet as a child, she too had to experience discrimination in the fashion and film industries. She denounces the obsession with fair skin in one of the societies with darker skin, the Indian society. Whether participating as a speaker at the “World’s Teenage Women Summit: No Shade” or writing powerful opinion pieces for the digital edition of Dazed, she has contributed to fostering dialogue and raising awareness of the existence of discrimination based on skin color , which she continues to face. For example, she stood firm against the pressure to laser-remove her freckles from hers during the early years of her career which became a trending topic in India.

A voice against genocide

L’Oréal Paris’s key message “We are all worth it” is a message that Nidhi Sunil shares through her fight against violence against vulnerable women. Nidhi is a member and spokesperson of the Advisory Board of the “Invisible Girl” project, an NGO that fights against genocide and against discrimination and violence against girls and denounces the terrible fact that one in four girls does not reach adolescence. As her ambassador, Nidhi shares the stories of girls rescued from trafficking and abuse, in a film that was presented to the United Nations as part of its campaign to make girls as worthy as boys.

“I am very happy to join L’Oréal Paris to talk about the self-esteem that we must all believe in to be successful, especially when others try to tell us otherwise. For me, beauty resides in the power of your own voice and your belonging to the world. Each of our stories deserves to be heard. Our worth is our birthright. “

On her side Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global President of L’Oreal Paris pointed out_

“We are delighted to welcome Nidhi Sunil to the L’Oréal Paris family as our new and inspiring spokesperson. Nidhi uses her energy to fight against skin color discrimination and genocide to act as a speaker and tell everyone that girls are to be valued the same as boys. She is the perfect ambassador for our brand message: all girls are worth it “

Source: The Beauty Newsroom