Today premieres one of the biggest film betting for this 2021, Malcolm & Marie. Such is that the film starring the youngest Emmy-ever winner for Best Actress, Zendaya (Euphoria) and John David Washington (Tenet) and son of actor Denzel Washington, who have also participated for executive producers, and secretly recorded during the pandemic at Caterpillar’s house –a picturesque property of the Feldman architectural studio in Monterey, California — has been a firm candidate for the upcoming Oscar nominations for several weeks.

Directed by the acclaimed creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, the film tells the story of a couple, made up of a film director (Washington) and his girlfriend (Zendaya), who for one night puts his relationship in check, starting a cross of reproaches about his vision of art, life and love

“Malcolm and Marie” is a hand-in-hand based entirely on the strong and committed performances of its two main and unique characters, and fortunately, none of them lose their pace.His performances are more admirable during the sequences of great passion showing an imposing and splendid maturity, able to go beyond the hollow glow to captivate the viewer. In addition to the brightness of the actors, the virtuosity of Levinson is noteworthy in order to create an intimate and intense work that explores the vericuet complexes of relationships, carefully modulating the sense of balance.It is also to admire the work of his collaborators: Labrinth, on the soundtrack, Marcell Rév, on a masterful photograph and the magnificent stylism of LawRoach (Zendaya) and Samantha McMillen (Washigton), which raise the exquisite tone of this elegant film that you cannot miss.