Managing emotions and life is not easy. And less when the circumstances that surround us affect us on a social and personal level. Ortega y Gasset, one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century, said that the human being was him and his circumstances. So it is and has been throughout our history and, apparently, so it will continue to be. Overcoming environmental circumstances, fighting thick and thin against events and the elements, is an arduous task. Managing our day to day in the midst of a cyclone, an earthquake, a flood or any type of natural catastrophe, or if we find ourselves in the middle of a war, is not the same as when everything is at peace and we do not have to fight to overcome the problems around us.

In these times of pandemics and climate change that give rise to unpredictable phenomena that affect the lives of all people, it is when personal balance is most in danger and it needs all our strength, energy and positivism to face the problem. day to day.

To face life successfully, and we understand success fundamentally as personal well-being and security through the control and harmonization of emotions, it is necessary, first of all, physical and mental health. We have already said in another article the importance of managing stress, because stress, in a small dose, is necessary to activate and work and but we have to avoid that, in excess, it cancels us.

Mens sana in corpore sana, says an old Latin proverb. And that we must understand as the one that a healthy and healthy body is the basis of a balanced mind and that pushes us to overcome obstacles and try to achieve a bit of tranquility and satisfaction with ourselves.

In times of crisis, such as the ones we are experiencing, it is important to think, analyze based on who we are and what we have to live, before acting. Analysis is essential for this. What helps us and helps those we love and are part of our personal circle of life and what hurts us and prevents us from moving forward. Analysis is essential in all behavior. This analysis is what will determine our situation and will be essential to determine our way of life and specific actions.

Managing emotions is also managing thought. Know really who we are, what we can do and what not. We must try to make life flow, because only in this way we can not only overcome circumstances when they are difficult, but also that our life is not a continuous frustration, a well without water from which, if we fall, we could not get out.

Emotions are a fundamental part of the mind and heart. And, if we want to manage them well, both must walk together.