A just society has to be a society with equal rights and opportunities for all. Throughout history the strongest have always dominated social relations and have held power. And that power, economic, political and social, has established unjust societies where there has been continuous suffering and pain. Today, that suffering and pain still continues. In the most advanced countries, goals of equality and justice have been achieved, although there is still much to achieve. But in some areas of the planet there are still people living in terrible conditions. The majority, it is a fact, are women and children, and mainly girls, who suffer discrimination and exploitation. Today, in the 21st century, slavery has only been abolished in name but not in fact. There is the slavery of those who live badly for a salary that barely allows them to eat, labor slavery, but also sexual slavery. Mafias that dominate the market for human meat, that traffic in women and girls, that buy, sell, use and rent them. This scourge is something we must fight with all our might.

Zero Day of Discrimination is a commemorative date and is celebrated every 1 March and is an awareness day to eliminate discrimination.

Many women’s groups have made the flag of this day, and also the UN AIDS Organization, as aids sufferers are also discriminated against.

Today, when the world is threatened by a new virus, we must not forget the social viruses that always remain. Discrimination on the basis of sex and race remains to be eradicated on Earth. And it exists, to a greater or lesser degree, in all countries.

Let us be combative, word and deed, against this evil of humanity that cannot be called such as long as discrimination exists. The de facto discrimination and legal discrimination that we certainly live even in the West must be ZERO DISCRIMINATION. The progress that is being made is not enough. The struggle continues. And witness and our attitude, individual and collective, cannot be missed. Not this March 1 nor ever.