Located in the western part of Morocco Marrakech is known as the Red City, for the reddish color of its walls and many of its buildings.

There’s something magical around Marrakech. A Berber ancient city that today is a refuge for artists, intellectuals and famous people all over the world. Travelling to Marrakech is moving to a dream city. A place full of passageways and mysterious corners, but also of the greatest luxury and modernity.

In Marrakech there are large hotels (such as La Mamounia, one of the mythical hotels in the world) restaurants and enviable places of leisure and recreation, all surrounded by the medieval taste of a thousand and one nights, whose spirit permeates Marrakech brought by the air of the tradition and legend that, from the also mythical cities of Baghdad and Damascus — today sadly half destroyed by the madness of wars — drives a wonderful flying carpet.

The center of Marrakech is its grandiose Jemaa El Fna square, where all kinds of unlikely elements come together: from fire-lights and snake charmers to spice vendors, ay all kinds and variety of stalls and typical tourist shows. A square that, at night, illuminates the life of the city.

Around the ancient city, the medina, are its beautifully preserved walls, and perhaps the largest and most beautiful in North Africa. Mosques, such as the splendid Kutubia Mosque, palaces such as the Palatial Complex of the Bay and amazing gardens, such as the Majorelle, in the midst of an enviable microclimate, adorn Marrakech.The minaret of the Kutubia mosque, already mentioned, dates from the twelfth century and is a symbol of the city, visible several kilometers away.

Marrakech, Morocco’s most touristic city, is a myth for travelers from all over the world. Tradition and hospitality leave an indelible mark on everyone who visits it.