Born in Camden, New Jersey and with her studio and residence in Brooklyn, New York, Mickalene Thomas is one of the most genuine representatives of African-American visual art. His paintings, sometimes incorporating photographic elements, are appreciated worldwide for their originality and also for their freedom, both in form and content. In his works he uses various materials, mainly acrylics and enamels but also occasionally incorporates other elements, including imitation gemstones. His works, the majority of large size, have as central element the African-American woman, and is one of the artists that best reflect the modernity and current affairs of black women who are icons of our society. Michelle Obama is one of them, as well as other figures of art and life on horseback between the twentieth and twenty-first. Some of his works are revivals of mythical paintings, such as Breakfast on the Grass: Three black women, based on an interpretation, absolutely original and proper, of the famous work of Edouard Manet.

Unanimously recognized by critics as one of the great artists of the moment, her work has been exhibited and is in the most important American museums, including the National Portrait Gallery, the George Eastman House, the Smithsonian Museum of Art in New York, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Chicago Museum of Art.

Mickalene Thomas’s work explores different notions and concepts of beauty, sexuality and identity of black femininity. She is also one of the contemporary artists, regardless of gender, who best experiments with non-traditional pictorial materials and merging and mixing tradition and modernity both in their influences and their grounds.

Portraits and compositions of this revolutionary figurative art offer a free and sensual look as few artists can show.