Midnight 00.00 presents its most natural and sustainable routine to date, as its solid format makes it possible to dispense with the plastics that are commonly used in these products. In addition, Brianda Fitz-James Stuart has illustrated its packaging with what becomes the perfect Christmas gift, combining art and sustainability in the same product. Midnight 00.00’s solids routine follows the same formulas as the brand’s shampoo and conditioner, which garnered more than 250 positive reviews in the first three months of its launch. It also incorporates a shower gel and a hand gel, although they can be used interchangeably for both.


This new release has been designed to reduce single-use plastics in daily routines. The four products include everything you need to take care of the body and the planet, as they are free of sulfates and parabens and have been scientifically tested to ensure their effectiveness.

Like all Midnight 00.00 products, they are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, locally produced and PH-balanced. Also, the four additions are suitable for all hair and skin types.

In addition, as we have indicated, on this occasion Brianda Fitz-James has participated in the collection by designing exclusive illustrations for the packaging. “If I could choose one superpower, it would be to stamp everything I touch. For me, drawing means keeping moving, traveling to universes full of myths, animals, naked bodies and symbols. I am obsessed with finding beauty and sharing it through crafts and handwork ”, says the designer.


Referring to Midnight 00.00, Fitz-James explains that the brand transmits “sensuality, elegance, sustainability, night, mystery, aromatic plants, nature …”. Concepts that, she assures, are part of her inspiration and her creative imagination. In her designs for the collection, the artist has relied on each product to create her illustrations.

“Each painting has ingredients of the product that it illustrates represented, such as bergamot, rosemary, lemon, or orange. In the case of the BodyWash Bar, which contains rosemary, I have painted a naked woman surrounded by this aromatic plant, linked to the Goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love, since it was considered an aphrodisiac in ancient Greece.


Shampoo Bar 00.3186,7% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | LocallyProduced | pH-Balanced. With a formula without sulfates or parabens, Shampoo Bar 00.31 has the same fragrance and functions as Shampoo 00.01 but in a solid and zerowaste format. It smells of rosemary and lemon and adds shine and volume to your hair. It is suitable for all types, it is recommended for daily use.

APPLICATION: wet your hair with hot water. Then moisten the shampoo bar and rub it into your scalp in circular motions to create a lather. Gently massage hair and rinse well with water.

PRO TIP: Before applying the product, wet your hands to create a little lather and it is ready to be used. For extra hydration, combine it with Conditioner Bar 00.32.

Conditioner Bar 00.3294, 2% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | LocallyProduced | pH-Balanced Its sulfate and paraben-free formula leaves hair hydrated, nourished and light. Softens and hydrates, smells of pine and bergamot. Suitable for all hair types, it is recommended for daily use.

APPLICATION: Apply to wet hair from the middle to the ends. Leave on for two to three minutes and then rinse generously.

PRO TIP: Divide the hair into strands and apply the product in parts to ensure that it is well distributed.


BodyWash Bar 00.3397, 2% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | LocallyProduced | pH-Balanced Natural shower gel with rosemary and moringa that helps get rid of dirt, bacteria and other unwanted elements while activating your skin. It can be used to wash the face, hands and body. Smells like rosemary. Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Recommended for daily use.

APPLICATION: Moisten the tablet and massage your body directly.

PRO TIP: Combine with Midnight BodyBalm 00.12 to continue hydrating your skin.

Hand Soap Bar 00.3495 6% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | LocallyProduced | pH-Balanced Natural hand soap with marijuana essence. Cleanses, soothes and restores the skin.

Sativa oil from cannabis seeds offers intense hydration, while also acting as a strong antioxidant. Daily and night use. Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive.

APPLICATION: Moisten the tablet and rinse it with wet hands until foam appears. It can be used for the face, hands and body.

PRO TIP: Leave the soap bar outside to dry.


About Brianda Fitz-James

Brianda Fitz-James is an illustrator and print designer. Determined to be part of the art world, she studied Fashion Design and moved to New York to work with the painter Paul Balmer and train in painting and drawing at The Art Student League. Back in Spain she was part of the creative team at La Casita de Wendy for eight years, specializing in the creation of prints. Her illustrations soon felt the need to jump from fabrics to other supports, giving rise to collaborations with firms such as Gucci, Suarez, Swatch or Gan Rugs. Her works have been exhibited by H & M in Palma de Mallorca and at the EllipseTokyo exhibition in Japan; In 2019 she published her third book ‘My recreational universe. Curiosities and other beasts’, in the Lunwerg publishing house.

About her collaboration with Midnight, she affirms: “I admire Nina and Marc very much for having created a sustainable brand, with an impeccable image and with great quality in their products. It has been really easy to work on this project, it’s nice when you agree that you like the brand and they give you total creative freedom. “

About Midnight 00.00

All Midnight 00.00 products are produced locally in Barcelona with innovative and advanced formulas under the motto “lessis more” applied to cosmetics. “Our goal is to escape from a punctual and reactive cosmetics by offering preventive routines that promote real and healthy beauty”, explains Nina Urgell, founder of the brand.

Midnight 00.00 was born in March 2019 by the hand of Nina Urgell (@ninauc) and Marc Ciudad. In December of the same year the brand opened its first store in the Gràcia neighborhood (Barcelona). The store also has a refill service for its products with plastic containers, thus favoring a zerowaste life cycle. The philosophy of the brand is to avoid the hype and false promises common in the beauty industry, to offer fewer products but more versatile and transversal.

Source: https://www.thebeautynewsroom.com/