Making physical exercise and maintaining a balanced diet are the pillars for a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercising go beyond aesthetic issues. It gives us strength, energy, flexibility, prevents health problems and helps relieve stress. However, the current rhythms of life are, in many occasions, the culprits that the task of approaching a gym to keep us fit is only in a good intention.

Other times, it is economic reasons that limit us. Whatever your case, the excuses are over. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of alternatives that facilitate the possibility of exercising and for which you will only need a few minutes of time and willpower.

We present the main applications for sports training to be part of your day to day:

  • Nike Run Club. The perfect app for running. Nike Run Club has the tools to run better, such as GPS tracking, audio-guided races and personalized training plans for running goals.
  • SmartGymIt’s like carrying a portable gym in your pocket and wrist. SmartGym allows you to manage training sessions easily and intuitively without writing routines on paper or having to write down the exercises in a notes app.
  • FreeleticsHere you have a digital coach that improves your life by making you lose weight, gain muscle or get fit.
  • SworkitThe name of this app in English means “just train” and precisely look for that: offer simple exercises that adapt to any rhythm of life. You can choose between aerobic, strength, stretching or yoga workouts and it is possible to adjust the duration of each.
  • This app is a door to the realfooding movement. It not only allows you to scan products to know their nutritional content, but also introduces the user into a community with which to share goals, recipes and tips.
  • LifesumOrganizing weekly food is easier with this app, which offers personalized diets, meal control, calorie counter and healthy recipes. All in one place.
  • WaterMinderHave you already taken the recommended daily amount of water? This is a simple and intuitive app to control water consumption. Depending on body weight or personal goal, WaterMinder alerts customers to hydrate and achieve their daily goals.

Training and taking care of yourself is not a matter of time and money, but of desire to put it into practice, do you dare?