The time of year where those present are one of the protagonists par excellence is here. This 2020 has not been an easy year for almost anyone, that is why it will be difficult to find details so that the people we love the most can get it right.

We are in favor of the fact that the best gift that can be given to someone is to dedicate time and quality attention to them, although in many cases, if health and personal availability do not accompany them, it cannot be. We believe that it is a good time to recover the letters – it is also a way of dedicating personal time – the congratulations with cards, the photos on paper, the videos and above all the illusion.

Apart from this, we propose a list of different gifts to surprise your family and friends.

Kit to make your own craft beer. For fermented lovers Your homebrew has prepared different sets with which you can prepare your favorite drink from scratch. They are made up of simple tools, suitable for beginners, even those that include the barrel designed for the most professionals.

-Amigurumis. Crochet dolls. The Japanese tradition gives it a deep meaning, since, according to its tradition, each Amigurumi has a soul, which will accompany us and will be our confidant for life, providing us with protection and comfort. Our favorites are those of afri ekay that you can find on her Instagram profile.

-A song. It was a matter of time before something like that came along. Now you can give the person you want a song with your story or the part of it you want. In Canciona you tell them what you want to immortalize in a song and they put lyrics and melody to it at a very reasonable price.

-Abonoteatro. A good gift for lovers of culture and a help for a sector that has strongly felt the impact of the pandemic. With the abonoteatro you will have access for a year to plays, exhibitions, cinema, exclusive events and online content paying only for the management costs, 3.50 euros. You can get it here.

-A good plan. The “One Hundred Exciting Plans” box comes with tons of exciting tips to do both indoors and out. Ideal for restless people who like to do different things.

-Solidarity gifts. Gifts as big as your desire to help. This is how CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid) defines its online market. Buying any of their products you collaborate with the NGO. The possibilities are endless, Open Arms and its initiative “Lifesaving Gifts”,
Doctors of the World and its project “Sanicard” a card that allows you to take health everywhere.

-Course of handmade screen printing. You do not need large investments to be able to wear your own designs on clothing, create your paintings or bags. You can do it manually, with the tools and techniques that will be provided in a screen printing course, it is a simple task. We suggest the Hobby Maker one.

-Books: Okay, it may not be the panacea of ​​originality. But we have to say that books have accompanied us in these difficult months and for lovers of letters it is a safe and valued bet. To collaborate with small bookstores and prevent them from becoming extinct, they have created the web where, regardless of where in Spain you can buy any book.

-Care products: Giving beauty and health is a necessity in these times, whether original or not. Stress, the use of a mask, anxiety … end up having consequences on our body, especially on our skin, so hydrating ourselves and paying attention to these details is important. For Meik, Clémentyne‘s range of creams is the most effective for these times.