Every year, when we reach this date, about to close the door of the previous year and open the one that ushers in the new year, we all feel that one time is leaving and that another arrives. Every New Year’s Eve people accumulate memories and feed wishes. Each according to their life and circumstances. Each according to their dreams.

This year 2020 has been hard for many. Some have lost family and friends who have left. Sometimes unexpectedly. 2020 has brought a new disease to the world and with it, unease and uncertainty. And it has made us all consider how important it is to be healthy, to be able to live without the threat that we will fall seriously ill. That is why perhaps the first New Year’s wish should be, and it is from this magazine and all of us who are part of it, that there is health, that people around the world can face something that nobody thought they could occur. Something as small as a virus and yet capable of defeating even the strongest.

This should also make us grow in solidarity and humility. Realize that we are all part of Humanity and that, beyond origins, races, gender, religions and ideas, we are all part of the great human adventure. An adventure that was born many centuries ago and that has cost many pain, but also the joy of overcoming obstacles, progressing and making the present better than the past and the future a goal in which the stars of Christmas do not be ephemeral and shine permanently on the horizon of the planet.

But there are also the small personal wishes and purposes. I remember when I was little, I always made a list of what I thought could be better. That list should continue to be made by all of us. And write, point, the most important thing.

One of the most important things is family. Because in it we grew and with it we grow. And another is good friends, the people who walk with us and are there when we need support, a hand, hold on to an illusion.

But we must also offer that support and that hand to those who need us. Beethoven used to say: “goodness is the only sign of superiority that I really recognize in the human being. And a genius said it, someone superior to all as a musician and artist. Someone who achieved success and fame. For this reason, the first thing we must ask of the new year, on a personal level, is something that we innocently asked as children: to be good. Good, supportive, generous, willing to improve our life and that of those who surround us and deserve it. And get away, forget, or fight, against the evils of this world, which are many and we know what they are.

Let each of us make our list of purposes. But may there be one that we all share: may 2021 fill us again with joy and hope. So be it.