In the face of this exceptional situation people are summoned to a reality that we did not even imagine weeks ago. For adults it becomes heavy, but for the little ones of the house it is no less, so from MEIKMAG I was proposed to write this article in reference to plans and proposals with children during this isolation.

Although I dedicate myself to law, through my books “Little Paula” and “Marga, the bitter princess” I have to visit schools and institutes in which I interact with the students. At these ages children are full of energy, always running around, thirsting for freedom. They’re like “pequeños lobitos” that you can’t have caged. In this article I give you some ideas to help you spend these days of isolation with children.

These days communication is critical. Within the daily coexistence we should set 10 or 15 minutes to sit down and talk, know how they feel and that, in their own way, they can be vented.

We don’t have to hide what’s going on, but watching the news should be limited.Informed yes, but tactfully, and this will depend a little on the age, to be assimilated. I’ve seen videos of young kids telling us about how we’re going to beat “bad bugs” like a story out of their imagination and that’s the light we need right now.

In this situation, we must try to maintain as much normality as possible and, as some psychologists advocate, an orderly routine should be maintained.Different schedules, yes, but there must be time for school, shower or bath tasks, dinner and a little while for themselves. All without harassing them. Sometimes, as happens to adults these days, children’s bodies and minds don’t go at the desired speed and happen to them, too. So calm, routine and schedules within a few limits.

Don’t have to obsess about the end-of-confinement date, as this can create some kind of frustration. Let’s live the day.

We must remind the children that we are not on vacation and we have to keep the tasks of the school and a few schedules for it. We will look for the hours that best suit them, in the morning or depart the schedule in morning and afternoon. The time will depend a little on how we see what they are, but an average of about 4 hours a day would suffice. We can also encourage them, as some teachers tell us, to perform, within these tasks,some not directly related to those indicated by the school, such as making small redactions, which in addition to being an exceptional therapy, from this quarantine can come out some Pérez Reverte. Painting would be another way to unleash your imagination.

We can also overtake with the Englishman. Some recommended page would be:

Reading is another way to spend confinement in a healthy way that makes us travel without moving from home. From some schools an hour and a half of reading is recommended but as an orientation. Parents should agree with their children on this topic. Some schools have had the initiative of students reading a chapter of a book each week and then, through video having a brief introduction to it by the author.At this point, I have participated as a writer in the initiative that have had, among others, the school “Luis Solana” with the students of 5th and 6th, who are reading my book “Little Paula”.

About books I would recommend there are many, you don’t have to close yourself to those known to the general public. I’m going to recommend one: “Create magic with your kids: adventurebook,” where the imagination in these moments of confinement will break all barriers and boundaries.

To maintain health these days that we are more exposed to screens and the least light inside, visual hygiene is important for everyone, adults and kids. To prevent symptoms such as blurred vision, itching of eyes or headache from more common use of devices, optical experts recommend:
– 20/20 rule (20 minutes working and 20 seconds resting the eye).
– Try to work with natural light whenever possible

– Avoid reflexes.

– Adjust the resolution of the screens.

– Keep the eyeball hydrated.

-Sit properly and keep a minimum distance of 30 cm.

In other aspects… you have to take care of the diet, drinking fruit, vegetables and milk and have a minimal physical activity at home sharing it together. They serve games and activities in which you have to move. Or practice stretching, yoga… Exercises can be fun and bring the family together.

No less important is to look for diversity in leisure: from video consoles, to series and movies, depending on age, and different games.

With the little ones we can relate the activities they did abroad with what we do inside the house. If you like basketball, football or karate, we can paint your fingers like a basketball player or a footballer, or maybe a karateka and we would already have prepared a traditional 80s level finger fight.

The mind needs to disconnect so that they are happy, it is something that will help them continue to overcome this battle in which they are behaving like true heroes.

For all those who wish to take advantage of this time to increase their knowledge in a fun way, there are many museums that give us the opportunity to visit them in a virtual way, can you imagine flying to the Louvre itself?

Here are some links:

In short, families, these are my proposals to pass this quarantine with those little superheroes who are our children. Among all of us, we will face this time that we have been touched to live. Together, I have no doubt, we are going forward. That there is no day without music and laughter at home.

For all those who are out there fighting, for all those who have faced the virus, for all who have to be at home, that this enemy does not overcome our desire to live. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.