There is the idea that beauty in people is something ephemeral that ends up fading over time. For some, it is precisely that brevity that makes it so unique and craved. Beauty is an instant, a flame condemned to go off. Fortunately, the world seems to be discovering that beauty is not equal to youth and that a graceful facade is not necessarily beautiful if nothing beneath the surface makes it shine. As Coco Chanel said before (and better) than I did: “You can be splendid at the age of thirty, captivating at the age of forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” There are women who seem to ally themselves over the years, who challenge time to show that there is life, a beautiful life, well past the score. Because youth is a splendid flower, but the garden is populated over the years. Such is the case of Maria Reyes, who was crowned twenty-five years ago as queen of beauty in Spain and has since been forging a reign where music, cinema and, of course, the catwalks have been accommodated.

Maria Reyes was born in Figueras (Girona) in September 1976. A few months earlier, that same year, 119 paintings by Picasso were stolen from the Palais des Papes in Avignon, Nadia Comaneci made history at the Olympic Games in Monrteal and Adolfo Suárez had reached the presidency of Spain. That year, moreover, Olga Fernández Pérez was named Miss Spain, a title that María Reyes would inherit nineteen years later, after moving to Soria and beginning nursing studies. It was 1995 and the world opened up, full of opportunities, to the young Gerundense who settled in Soria.

Physical beauty, as we said at the beginning, is arbitrary, subject to chance, and therefore extinct. What makes that beauty not turn off is talent. Talent, and not just a pretty face, is what led Maria Reyes to take her to the best catwalks in the world, from Paris to New York, serving as a model for brands like Chanel or Dior, the fashionworld elite.And it was in Paris, precisely, that Reyes had a revelation that would change his life. After years of hard work in which she came to work with personalities such as Karl Lagerfeld, whom she has sometimes claimed to be a “shocking and somewhat cold” person, the model understood that she should aspire to new challenges that filled her. Thus, she began to study acting.

In 2003 she was part of TVE’s Luna Negra series and in 2008 she took on the role of Angela in the Antena 3 series, Lalola. Not content with conquering the small screen, Reyes has also dared with the stage, being part of the theater company La Barraca with Alicia Hermida and her most recent work at the Teatro Lara with the play Delicia, directed by Alberto Velasco. She has received awards for several short films, including as if nothing were, at the Corciano Festival in Italy. Meanwhile, she had time to participate in the program Mira Who Danced, moving the skeleton to the rhythm of Rock N’ Roll (and “con mucho desparpajo”, by the way).

But, although the performance led her to reap many successes, Maria Reyes still hid another ace under the sleeve: Music. Music flooded the house of the Maria family when she was just a girl: From the Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd, from Santana to DireStraits. Rock, one might say, has always traveled through its veins, as evidenced by the fact that in its time as a model it was a frequent part of any national or international festival that stood before it. But it is not until 2009 that Reyes began to collaborate with the French band Nouvelle Vague, with which he started an international tour that took her to Moscow, Portugal or to the very Palau de la Música in Barcelona.

Restless by nature, always on the hunt for new challenges, María Reyes later started a solo career that was completed with the record label Subterfuge Records publishing in 2015 his first work, INTRODUCING, ep of 5 tracks in English and Spanish. A year later, she joined Rodrigo Borque, a friend and composer with previous works such as Pure Morning. And from that alliance between Borquey Reyes was born the musical project: META.

Meta is a pop-rock duo of noventime influences that combines sticky melodies with electronic bases. Mary is a lyricist as well as a vocalist, getting a result with enigmatic poil, of a beautiful darkness, like a mist that envelops the senses with its sophisticated decadence.Examples include songs like Violence Order or Shine, themes that grab your brain like a spider that unfolds its legs.

Maria Reyes conquered a crown in 1995, but her reign has not stopped growing ever since. In a world of emeritus, where royalty is in the spotlight, people look elsewhere in search of a new queen to be plitesed. A queen who, with dedication, work and talent, has managed to build an enviable career in which no one has given him anything and everything he has achieved has done so hard.Queen Maria Reyes is here, and her castle is wide open for all of us.


Text: Alex Merino Aspiazu