Spring comes and we get in shape. In this article we offer you the best tips to start running without much trouble.

Before starting a physical activity of a certain intensity is to go to health professionals and pass the corresponding checkup.

Many people come to running to lose weight and with the intention of leading a healthier life they decide to start running at 40. It is never too late to start in this magnificent sport but if you have been a sedentary lifestyle in recent years it is important that in addition to a medical review you seek progressive muscular and cardiovascular adaptation.

The key to starting to run is perseverance, mastering the bridge between desire and fulfilment. We will always (or almost always) need large doses of willpower and motivation to run but that barrier is even more pronounced during the first few days. So patience to cope with the initial period of cardiovascular conditioning and adaptations of muscles, ligaments and tendons. As the weeks progress, you won’t give credit to the improvement experienced.

You have time, get ready, condition your body and…. Run.