The Beauty Concept and its most relaxing declaration of love: a bioenergetic couple massage to restore physical and mental balance

Caring for the skin and body is one of the most important rituals to feel good outside and inside. And what better way to do it as a couple? The Beauty Concept team recently added bioenergetic massage to its menu of treatments, and now offers an experience for two on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in a double cabin for the couple.

Fighting or, at least, trying to minimize its consequences (the current pace of life, stress, marathon work days, episodes of anxiety to which we are all exposed) is essential, although sometimes we are not aware of how much we It affects everything in it in daily life.

For Paz Torralba “these types of massages are very effective in restoring our energy, since they manage to reduce stress levels, while achieving greater harmony and well-being, both ours and our partner, unlocking and cleaning the body’s energy and restoring the physical-mental balance. And, of course, the hands of a good professional play a fundamental role. ”

The bioenergetic massage technique is based on oriental Ayurvedic medicine, designed to free the body and mind of physical and energy blockages, as well as to restore emotional energy by reading the chakras. By means of a special massage that is executed through the pressure with fingers and hands specific points are stimulated in different parts of the body to release accumulated tensions and toxins in order to recover the optimal functions of the body. This whole process has a plus accompanied by your partner, observing how you both relax by simultaneously receiving the other a massage equal to the one you are receiving.

 Benefits of a bioenergetic massage:

1.- The physical-mental and emotional balance of the individual is restored.

2.- The energy that has been stagnant is unlocked and cleaned, preventing the proper functioning of the organs.

3.- The accumulated stress and anxiety is released.

4.- It helps the brain and the circulatory system to achieve its proper functioning.

5.- Increases the activity of the immune system.

6.- An optimal blood circulation to the organs is restored so that oxygen and nutrients flow to the cells and tissues.

7.- Chronic accumulated tensions are eliminated.

8.- The vital energy is regenerated.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 200 euros per couple.

About The Beauty Concept

The Beauty Concept was born in 2005 by Paz Torralba, a passionate beauty businesswoman who decided to leave her post as senior executive to devote herself to what she liked most: helping to improve the health and beauty of other people. Its centers, which Belén Rueda, Marta Torné or Juan Betancourt, among other celebrities trust, are characterized by offering innovative medical-aesthetic services with scientific guarantees. With the aim of optimizing health, beauty and well-being, a multidisciplinary team of professionals always starts from a personalized diagnosis, considered key to success, from which the different treatments and protocols are applied in a sophisticated environment that transmits peace and wellness.

The Beauty Concepthas two centers in Madrid, located on Chile Street and Ortega y Gasset Street. Calle Chile, 10. Phone: 914 572 531 Centro Calle Ortega y Gasset, 49. Phone: 914 669 187