Who follow short treatment routines, sometimes turn only to the cream and eye contour, when it’s the serums, really, the product they need like drinking.

“We use our serum to correct a problem that worry us of our skin. A serum is what more is going to assist me in terms of power and effectiveness. Goes directly to correct what we need most” explains Stephanie Nieto, technical director of Omorovicza.

While a moisturising cream can provide firmness, reverse aging or moisturize, obviously, among many other things, a serum is more specific and is intended to correct specific aspects such as the pigmentation, the luminosity and, also, why not, reduce these wrinkles and fine lines that concern according to advancing age.

Let’s take a tour of the essentials and know their function, which we have to know and test for its revolutionary formulas and complete functionality. What are they? A good serum adds shine to the skin by reflecting light. Lack of sleep, stress, poor diet and the skin’s own natural aging process make it opaque. And it’s something the best serums solve.

“Let’s imagine the cells as a crystal bubble that reflects in a natural way the light that comes to him. With the aging process for stress or bad routines and lacking in care, this crystal is becoming cloudy, reflecting less beams and extinguishing the textile”, explains Elisabeth San Gregorio, technical director of Medik8, the cosmetic brand that has launched Clarity Peptides, a serum thought just to return to the cell that capacity of reflection of light, leaving the face with a crystalline aspect.

Can we think that it is a question of magic? No. The effect it achieves a peptide called Crystalide, that is patented. Its function is to normalize the regenerative process natural, producing a cell surface more uniform, while at the same time that promotes transparency and brightness by regulating the hike a protein called α-crystalline. In addition account with niacinamide to 10%, a powerful anti-inflammatory to restore the skin irritated, ZINC PCA, to balance production sebaceous glands, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and N-acetyl glucosamine that blocks the creation of pigments in the skin.

Where to buy? Medik8.es
Price 55 euros

A serum that makes up and rejuvenates, coming from a firm like Perricone MD, could not be otherwise, since they are specialists in analyzing aging to combat it completely. In its line No Makeup Skincare appears this serum in different shades to adapt to all skin types, protecting it with SPF 20 sunscreen and with an anti-age formula with the guarantee of the doctor that gives the brand name.

In addition to cover imperfections in a natural way, No Makeup Foundation Serum leads neuropeptides responsible for uniting the cells from the surface of the skin to reduce wrinkles. As said from mark its director of education, Raquel Gonzalez, “These neuropeptides are powerful building blocks similar to the proteins, being the solution for wrinkles, opacity, pigmentation and sagging of the face. They stimulate surface cells to work together creating a perfect chemical structure.”

As if this were not enough, it also has daisy flower extract, which was already used in Ancient Egypt for being a great regulator of skin tone effectively treating hyperpigmentation. Finally, Bisabolol, an antioxidant that promotes the healing process of the skin, stands out in the formula. In short, a cocktail not only to go beautiful, since the striking thing about this SERUM is its ability to rejuvenate while wearing it.


Where do you buy it? In Perriconemd.es
Price: 55€

Recharge the skin of oxygen

“talking about Oxygen Booster, a SERUM designed to revitalize even the most tired skin and the perfect ally to optimize the cream that is applied afterwards”. Its formula is rather an ingenious mechanism that delivers oxygen to the epidermis.

“This causes softening wrinkles, relaxing facial muscles, and restoring tissue.” But there is not everything, oxygen is added in the formulation the arabinogalactanos, which accelerate the natural oxygenation of the skin, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and minimize wrinkles and lines, and the complex patented by Omorovicza, Healing Concentrate, which reaffirms , moisturizes and rejuvenates.

This compound is constructed using a concentrate of minerals of the thermal water that, in addition to an increase in quantity, are bioavailable. What does this mean? That the skin it assimilates much better because it receives as something common and normal for her.

Where do you buy? In Puresc.com
Price: 65€

A SERUM to design eyelashes. Counted in this way might seem like a game of the little ones who receive the little ones by the Wise Men, but no. This is RevitaLash Advanced, the SERUM that improves eyelash health by making them look thicker, curved and longer. Of course, it is an ideal option for those who are concerned about this issue if it has little population, but it also allows you to play as creators. As said from RevitaLash Cosmetics Natalia Guerrero, its technical director: “It is no longer a question of which grow in general, but to be able to modify their bow, make visions most feline, etc.

The brush of this SERUM allows its application both in the outlet line of the hair, as on the tab itself, giving us ease to play to be authentic architects of the gaze”. How it works Your formula? With a patent so special (and with attempts of imitation) that cannot be revealing, but yes you can advance that in her are peptides, lipids, biotin and vegetable extracts of high efficiency.

Where do you buy? In PureNicheLab.com
Price: 135€

The best of the aromatherapy in a serum rejuvenating. A serum smooth as a fabric of satin that in its interior contains a powerful ingredient: pink, famous for its capacity rejuvenating and regenerating to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrating Rose Radiance Skin Serum of Aromatherapy Associates contains a mix essential oils of this wonderful flower, combined with geranium, that helps to energize the tissue to reduce the fatigue of the face. Beautiful Hurtado, his director of education adds that “also has oil of onagra and jojoba, favoring the regeneration of the skin leaving it with a much more juicy and radiant”.

A product of great interest not only for its benefits, but by his fusion of two worlds to join aromatherapy and cosmetics. Many will say that they cannot use because they have the mixed skin or grease and carries oils, to what from Mark respond with a clear “You can use any skin, since oils are noncomedogenic, i.e. they do not contribute to a on generation of tallow on the skin”

Where do you buy? In PureNicheLab.com
Price: 58€