We could define stress as a mismatch and lack of adaptation to a system or mode of existence that can lead to a state of anxiety of the individual.

A certain degree of stress causes us, in a certain way, to move in search of achieving our goals. It is the excess of stress that causes anxiety and can lead to mental and physical illnesses and pathological conditions in the individual.

Western society and its way of life, exported practically all over the world, entails elements of continuous tension, mainly at work. The need to achieve results, both at an individual and business level, the search for performance and the demands of the production system in which we move, lead to, many times, the individual has to adjust his personal life and daily actions to schemes that produce stress. The mismatch between pretensions and possibilities leads to situations that we cannot control and that is the cause of so many psychological, and even physical, problems in people.

Work is necessary and, according to all studies, is the main cause of stress. But this can also be caused by emotional imbalances and frustrations in other fields of existence. Love and heartbreak, injustice or harm to people when they do not reach their goals, lack of recognition of what we think we do well or the negative reactions of others about who we are or what we do, can generate that stress that results, in most cases, in anxiety and in some others even in serious diseases, such as depression at the mental level or coronary problems, decompensated blood pressure or even cancer.

The body is not just the soul room. It is a physical element that must be taken care of and is absolutely interrelated with it. Mens sana in corpore sano,says an old proverb. And there can be no well-being in people if these two parts of their identity do not enjoy harmony and good health.

To conclude: stress itself is not a disease although it is commonly associated with a state of anxiety caused, in the Most of the times, due to the circumstances we live in and that we wish were different.

What needs to be done to avoid bad stress, which damages our life? First of all, to know who we are, what we can do and what we cannot do, what are our capabilities and our limitations and, above all, set achievable objectives according to our personality, situation and knowledge.

But let’s not abandon ourselves and fight for our dreams. Because, to achieve them, we cannot lower our arms and we will have to learn to handle a certain degree of good stress, the one that pushes us and leads us to achieve the goals that allow us to achieve.