This article opens a few words by Robert Redford, as well as a great actor and great filmmaker, the soul and main promoter of the Sundance Festival — named after one of his mythical films, Butch Cassidy &the Sundance Kid — a contest that takes place from January 24 to February 2, in Utah, in the town of Salt Lake City

Robert Redford clearly defines Sundance “This festival is about telling stories in images, personally and independently, without market or industry impositions. Sundance rewards those who take risks. It’s about freedom. Freedom in creation and freedom in life.”

With this premise, Sundance has proven, throughout its nearly forty years of existence, to be a film festival that rewards quality, originality, and difference. That is what has given him prestige and that is what, once again, is expected in 2020 of this contest that always carries the highest expectations.

Pending the screenings of films and the awards we already have the nominations for this year, which, of course, by the peculiarity of the festival, do not match with the nominations of the classical music festivals. We really cannot speak of favourites because in this contest there are always surprises.

There are numerous nominations. In the best film section, these are some of the most outstanding: The 40-Year-Old Version, by Radha Blank, Blast Beast, by Esteban Arango, Charm City Kings, by Angel Manuel Soto, Dinner in America, by Adam Rehmeier, Evening Hour, by Braden King, Farewell Amor, by Ekwa Msangi, Minari, by Lee Isaac Chung, Never, rarely, sometimes, always, by Eliza Hittman, Nine Days, by Edson Oda, Palm Springs, by Max Barbakow, Shirley, by Josephine Decker, Sylvies love,e Eugen Ashe,Wander Darkly, de Tara Miele,Zola, de Janicka Bravo…

It is precisely the diversity of origin, races and gender of the authors, some of them very young and practically unknown, the main feature of this edition. This year, many female female directors from all over the world compete. And also filmmakers from countries on all continents.

Honestly, participating in this festival, regardless of the awards, is already an award in itself. We can proudly say that these nominations – and we are talking right now only about the section of films of creation and long film – they tell us about the diversity, the attention to the social and cinematic value of the works and that, that is why, Sundance, is a milestone and a breath of fresh air every year.  A Festival that opens doors beyond the big names. It creates a horizon of illusion and hope in all those who see in cinema an art beyond the commercial.