Talking about Susana Bokobo is to speak about an international lawyer who has exercised its profession in different private multinational companies and in public classes like the Institute of Financial Studies or the Department of Justice. In addition to the multiple charges that it occupies in different financial and legal classes, Susana has been rewarded by Harvard’s Real Complutensian School and Repsol with “Prize for innovation in the Economic and Tax Department”.

In addition, Susana develops her talent through writing and books. She has published two novels. In 2015, “the Silesta of Lemon” and, recently, its second part “the awakening of Lemon”.

Today, together with a group of emerging artists, she has created an art and culture platform called Bokobo Art. We are certainly facing a committed, enterprising woman who represents talent in all its facets.


Q.- Let’s start with advocacy. Increasingly, business relationships are supported and growing through the legal departments of companies. How has the figure of the international lawyer evolved within companies? What will be its evolution in the medium term?

A.- Within the legal profession my specialty is taxes, taxation. The profession has nothing to do with my beginnings more than twenty-five years ago. International taxation was almost a Mirage. Today is the day because large or small companies are globalized to a greater or lesser extent. You have moved from reactive work, that is, you act when the entire operation is already in place or when the Inspection appears, to a fully proactive work, accompanying from the beginning of the operations, even making proposals, And trying to establish cooperative relations with The Tax administrations of the countries and with other companies.

In my opinion, the medium-term evolution goes along the lines I have just pointed out, adding a very important reporting and transparency function.


Q.- “The Lemon Nap” and “The Awakening of Lemon, are his novels published so far. What did I take you to write? Do you intend to continue telling your readers about the “evolution of lemon” or do you also think about other topics?

A.- it has led me to write a vital need that I have always had to communicate and tell stories. Writing -publishing- makes you reach more people. I want to communicate a reality that is rarely realized but that exists and needs to be visited, because there are few models for young people, and not so young: In my novels there are and there will be blacks, mestizos, blends, and middle class. That is another version of the reality that needs to be said. As for the “evolution of lemon” – by the way, I love the expression – I think it is already closed, but it is never known. I am now with a book of short stories. I hope to finish it this year.


Q.- Bokoko, his surname, is also the name of his new enterprise platform, Bokobo Art. Bokobo means creativity. Why and why this project? What goals do you have?

A.- The project arises from a problem, which has almost become a dogma of faith, which is that artists, the creative ones, cannot live from their work, from their art. I myself am suffering and that was what led me to talk to other creative people and create a community of people from all over the world that we help, support, share our skills, our contacts, our energy to offer the world our work.

The project also arises from another problem, and that is, the “apparent” freedom that is breathed on the Internet and that we have seen that it is manipulated or can be manipulated. is a platform where all kinds of creativity can be made: Painting, sculpture, but also design, drawing, photography, video, performance… everything that is original.

We are now in the funding search phase so that we can improve and expand it so that it accommodates audio and video without problem.

Although it is a digital platform to be able to reach the greatest number of people, what distinguishes us, in addition, is that we organize, and we want to organize, many activities “offline”, because art, creativity, you have to touch it, smell it, feel it. And ties with people are made and grow more live and live.

I invite all those who believe in culture as a way to freedom and, why not, to conscious leisure, to become members, to subscribe to and support this initiative. There are many advantages associated with it, but the most important one is to collaborate with the continuity of a job that is absolutely necessary for the health of the world.


Q.- Art and culture and emerging artists, a perfect combination to give voice to new talents, is there much more to be done in Spanish culture to bring new forms of expression to the fore?

A.- In my opinion, there is a lot of risk aversion. I am generalizing, it is true, because those who are already on our platform and those who are supporting it indicate the opposite. However, my impression is that too much is left to the Administration, subsidies are expected as if they were the only way to do things.

My experience, of the many trips I’ve made, is that there are many opportunities. You have to know how to look for them, cultivate them and always keep going, without being discouraged.

That is why it is so important to be supported by a community, a group of people who encourage you, encourage you to follow and among those who are not an alien. In Spain there is a lot of creativity, a lot of ferment that often goes off or goes to other places.


Q.- To conclude, tell us a dream that will not cease to fight for getting.

A.- the search for authenticity, mine and others. Always on the way to me and us, pleasantly surprised. And we are many.