From Meikmag we propose a healthy culinary journey and that is it sweet: carrot cake. In recent years, this homemade recipe has been moved to the best urban pastries, becoming a dessert that can not be missed in any breakfast, lunch or dinner, to taste.

Carrot is very rich in carotene and an effective antioxidant with anticancer properties. Popular wisdom considers it very good for sight, intestinal healing, diuretic and astringent. Raw or cooked are an excellent food. It is one of the few vegetables that lose very little worth cooked. Even some of its food components are more digestible for our body than when we ingest them raw.

For the processing of our dessert we will need:

· 250 g raw carrots (already peeled and grated).
· 200 g flour.
· 7 g baking powder
· 125 ml sunflower oil
· 4 eggs.
· 200 g sugar.

With all these ingredients prepared, we can start:

1. We crush the carrots along with the oil

2. We poured the eggs into a bowl and whipped them with the sugar, then adding the carrot paste we had prepared before. We incorporate the sifted flour and yeast and mix gently.

3. Grease with oil or butter in a 24cm mole and pour the dough. Bake at 185oC for about 30 minutes or until we see that when punctured with a stick or knife tip the center of the carrot cake comes out clean.

Then…you will enjoy a delicious dessert full of healthy elements!