Sport is an essential activity that we must include in our routine to improve both physical and mental condition, avoiding stress. Today we present you with a list of influencers who focus on the world of fitness and with whom learning to perform different exercise routines, improve technique and use appropriate material for the sport will be a much more fun and entertaining mission.

Brittne Babe (@brittnebabe)

She inherited her passion for fitness from her mother. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She uploads exercise routines to tone specific areas of the body, her lifestyle in Los Angeles and the evolution of the people who initiate the challenge #brittnebabe21daychallenge consisting of a 21-day challenge applying the recommendations and exercise routines. In addition, it has a website where it sells personalized food and training plans according to the objective to be achieved. And a sportswear brand.

Ashleigh Jordan (@ashleigh_jordan)

She share exercise routines with the 3.5 million followers on Instagram and teach them how to use the material correctly. She also shares outfits with her clothing brand, NVGT Navi, for workouts. In addition, she shows his evolution and the results he gets from the workouts.

Irene Ekman (@angoswede)

She has long been involved in the world of competitive fitness and that transformed her life. That’s why she shares youtube videos and routines her Instagram account with her 621,000 followers. In this way, people who follow her advice also start to change their lives. The exercises she shows are perfect for doing at home with everyday objects like chairs.

Brittany Perille (@brittanyperilleee)

The routines shared by the influencer are aimed primarily at those women who are pregnant, insisting on techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor. She has also written a book entitled “The Ultimate guide to restore your core and pelvic floor” in which she gives advice on important aspects of keeping fit during pregnancy that will contribute positively to the proper conduct of labour. In case you need sports equipment, the American influence has an online shop with her sister Brianne Perillee for the sale of such items. The 1.4 million followers of Instagram can interact with her through Q&As.

Ruba Ali (@realrubaali)

She shares with its 971 thousand followers, different exercise routines, experiences in relation to sports and has a website where you can buy packages that include a nutrition guide, training plans, recipes and cardio methods. In the featured stories, she gathers advice on the importance of the mind in sport.

Michie Peachie (@michie_peachie)

The American fitness model is recognized for the great experience in the world of fitness that it brings. Through an Instagram account with more than 1.1 million followers, she gives advice on sports nutrition and supplements that can be incorporated into diets with the aim of achieving better physical results. The exercises she shares with her followers focus primarily on specific areas of the body and strength routines to increase muscle mass.

Quianna Camper (@qui2health)

Quianna’s Instagram account is characterized by both sports routines and self-improvement tips because she believes that the two are fully connected and are fundamental to a positive change in the way she conducts her day-to-day life. The 504,000 followers that this profile gathers can enjoy the process and the achievements that are obtained by performing the routines that she uploads in the social networks.

Veronica Costa (@vikikacosta)

She is the personal trainer of excellence in the world of celebrity for having trained Pilar Rubio or the influence of Maria Pombo. In her Instagram feed, she shares the lifestyle that leads to stay in shape by uploading recipes for healthy breakfasts, snacks or desserts, exercise routines or sportswear outfits. During the confinement she has been doing direct with the #yomequedoencasa so that the 809 thousand followers of her profile can practice sport. In addition, she has a brand of nutricosmetics and supplementation focused on the female audience, as well as several books of healthy recipes to enjoy food without giving up a fitness body.

Coco Constans (@ffitcoco)

Finally, Cocó Constans shows her 287 thousand followers on Instagram, cardio training, elasticity and strength based on pilates techniques. In addition, she suggests healthy and easy recipes for everyday life. On the other hand, she uploads motivational phrases addressed to those people who are starting in the world of sports. In the featured stories you keep training plans, recommendations on other accounts or training materials and sport clothes.