Humanity is facing a dilemma, or he raises his consciousness or he vanishes himself to desolation.
We are sitting watching from our window the social explosions of protest in all corners pf the planet, perhaps believing that those violent expressions we see in the media will never get through our window.
The collective soul of the human race cries when pain cracks and suns despair, the feeling of injustice, tiredness, helplessness and frustration.
The social, governmental, political, economic, institutional movements, created by man to order and protect our society, have become rather the prison that drowns and sinks our species every day. It seems that animas take care of themselves more and have a vital order of survival more orderly and evolved than that of the evil called Homo Sapiens.

Human beings, those from “Homo Sapiens”, have mental abilities that allow them to invent, learn and use complex linguistic structures, logic, mathematics, writing, music, science and technology. Humans are social animals, capable of conceiving, transmitting and learning concepts, however, at present, the emptiness of their own existence and nonconformity with their own life, is leading them to their origins of animal primate, making it violent and aggressive. The global crisis of moral relativism, illegitimacy, illegality and dehumanization has obscured human consciousness, covering it with black clouds and gigantic shadows that seem to leave the entire planet in darkness.

The vulnerability of the most fragile, the lack of hope of young people who do not see a dignified future, the fatigue of mothers, saddened because they can hardly see their children, who are falling into emotional malnutrition, because they spend exhausting hours From work from dawn to dusk, parents who are prisoners of anguish and restlessness that lead them to have up to two jobs to barely meet the minimum expenses … all this becomes emotional ammunition that transforms into violent gunpowder.

We are experiencing a great spiritual crisis and that is the bacteria that is eating away our existence. It is intended to robotize human beings as if they were programmed machines. Family and cultural traditions that express the need for spirituality of people’s souls are destroyed. Ancestral religious expressions are prohibited, we are being led to live together as if we were mannequins lacking feelings, soul, spirit and heart.

They are not only the vandalism of those who take to the streets to protest and destroy, to burn and steal; Those who feel helpless before impunity, iniquity and injustice also protest.

The price we are paying for the dehumanization of our society is to be victims of our own invention.

Walking back to our own heart, raising awareness and returning to our sacred center is the only way we have left to silence the heartbreaking cries of the soul …

I invite you to reflect on the thought of Socrates, written by Plato: “All my concern comes down to persuating young and old to not care so much about their bodies and their fortunes as for the perfection of their souls.” The radical in the human being is within him, in what Socrates calls his soul, that intimate nucleus that defines the identity of every man or woman and that is the source of his moral performance. It is not that the body is alien to man, but that it must be subordinated at all times to what is most noble in the human being, the soul, which is immortal and close to divinity.

The spiritual dimension for the Greek man was the restoration of a moral sense, in which truth and justice were for all equally, above opinions and interests, through the cultivation of the virtues of the soul of every citizen.

My pill of this week for the soul

The more you pursue power and have, without realizing it, will feed the insatiability that comes from pursuing that which can never fill the soul, for it is impossible to put within your belongings, your achievements and your titles.

By Paula López Espinosa
Instagram @paulalopezescritora