The South Korean supermodel has accumulated 25 magazine covers such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or Manifesto. She is one of the Asian talents that has made her way into the fashion industry during the last nine years, because her strong point lies in the look, a blank canvas on which expressiveness is drawn through the shapes and colours of make-up. On the other hand, she has a transgressive style that flees from gender labels.

All this has placed Sora Choi on the podium of the 50 best models of the moment according to In addition, in 2020 she was recognized with the Model of the year award given by Readers. 

Sora Choi FW 2020 Prada

Sora Choi was born on 5 September 1992 in South Korea. Her first contact with the world of fashion was, to say the least, unexpected. Family and friends had previously encouraged her to try her hand at modelling, but her shyness led her to believe that this was not her path. When she accompanied a friend who aspired to be part of this profession to a meeting with an agency, destiny turned and Sora ended up signing a contract with the agency.

In 2012, she won Korea’s Next Top Model talent show and starred on the first cover of W Magazine Korea. But the big debut that catapulted her was to walk the catwalk of the Louis Vuitton cruise show in 2015. Since then, she has appeared in a long list of shows organised by companies such as Chanel, Maison Margiela, Dior, Céline, Givenchy, Versace, Jacquemus and Lanvin and has participated in advertising campaigns such as Dolce&Gabbana 2015 and Marc Jacobs‘ spring-summer 2016.

Sora Choi FW 2020 Alexander McQueen

She has won the hearts of industry giants with the sophisticated versatility that characterises Sora. One of the designers who most represents her style is Alexander Wang. So much so that in an interview for Vogue USA in 2016 he acknowledged that he was a living image of the style with which she identifies. And, although she feels akin to the rocker aesthetic, she is an eclectic woman who loves the manga universe, especially the comic book entitled Nana and immersing herself in the adventures of role-playing games such as League of Legends.

As for the nostalgia that surrounds her as she travels from one place to another and lives at supersonic rhythms, Sora misses Seoul’s typical dishes. Whenever she returns home she orders a home-cooked meal, as the Korean dishes she has tasted abroad have nothing to do with the originals.

Mona Tougaard, Mariacarla Boscono y Sora Choi FW 2020 Burberry

However, Sora Choi would not change her frenetic lifestyle for anything in the world, for her it is living a dream that started suddenly. In fact, in an interview with The Korea Times, she explained: “I can’t put it into words. When the stage manager pushes me onto the catwalk and says ‘go ahead’, I get goose bumps and my hair becomes electrified. Once a member of the team asked me why I was crying when he passed me and saw me in the backstage.” To which she answered “I am very happy”.