Courage to overcome circumstances. And a magnificent staging. The pandemic has damaged culture. And to the world of cinema in depth. Almost total absence of spectators in theaters, interruptions in filming, production difficulties, but even so, Spanish cinema, today one of the most outstanding and creative in the world, does not give up. And that is what the Goya ceremony has shown, magnificently directed from his native Malaga by Antonio Banderas, who has been sober, emotional, direct and with a great communicative capacity in his role. Today, apart from being a great actor, he has proven to be a person and a character, pushing and remembering the values ​​of the seventh art and the work carried out in Spain, not only by actors and directors, but also by exhibitors, producers and all the personnel involved in the movies. Bravo for Banderas and for Spanish cinema, more international than ever.

That said, we move on to the awards. Hard-fought and mostly expected, given the nominations, with special recognition of five films: Girls, the great winner, Ane, Adú, The year of discovery and Coven. All have had the expected awards although any of them could have had some more. The great loser, despite obtaining two Goyas, has been Rosa’s wedding. And I, as a critic, despite the values ​​of the argument, I want to say that with reason. Because this time Iciar Bollaín has not managed to maintain the dramatic tension and strength of the beginning throughout the film, although he did in the final ten minutes. But for more than three-quarters of an hour the film, which I watched with great enthusiasm, became a flat shoot, with boring and uninteresting dialogues. I believe that the Academy has been fair and has awarded the works that most deserved it. Girls, an absolutely wonderful film directed by Pilar Palomero, also awarded the award for best new director, has won the grand prize: the Goya for best film. And in all fairness. By script, direction, editing and interpretation (although I have missed a mention of the work of its main protagonist, Andrea Fandós, a fantastic actress, who, due to age, twelve, could not be nominated), Girls is a small masterpiece. Also great is Adú, and Ane. In general, we can say that the pandemic has not affected the professionalism and creativity of Spanish cinema, which is greatly reinforced by these Goya. By the way, nice detail the video intervention of directors, actors and actresses from all over the world supporting Spanish cinema.

In short, a great gala, serious and very well done (the In Memoriam in tribute to all the deceased with a song performed by Vanesa Martin in the background), a gala in which, in addition, we have got rid of some comic sketches of previous editions that the critic of this magazine, personally, cursed the grace they made him.

And finally, enthusiastic congratulations to Ángela Molina, Goya of honor, for her work, her contribution to the cinema and also for her beautiful words when she received the award.

Summary of the main awards.

Best Original Screenplay: Girls (Pilar Palomares), Best Adapted Screenplay: Ane (David Pérez Sañudo), Best Original Music: Akelarre, (Pablo Agüero), Best Original Song: Rosa’s Wedding (Rozalén), Best Production Direction: Adú (Salvador Calvo), Best Cinematography: The Girls (Daniela Cajías), Best Editing: The Year of Discovery (Luis López Carrasco), Best Sound: Adú (Salvador Calvo), Best Documentary Film: The Year of Discovery (Luis López Carrasco ), Best Animated Film: La GallinaTuruleta (Eduardo Gondell), Best New Actor: Adam Nourou, Best Supporting Actress: Nathalie Poza (Rosa’s Wedding) Best Supporting Actor: Alberto San Juan (Sentimental), Best Actress: Pilar López Arnaíz (Ane), Best Actor: Mario Casas (You will not kill) Best Direction: Salvador Calvo (Adú) Goya for Best Film: Girls.