The homeostasis of the soul. I have created this term, which is derived from the medical vocabulary; in science, homeostasis means: “State of stability” and is a property of organisms that consists in their ability to maintain their internal condition stable, compensating for changes in their environment. A property that consists of its ability to maintain internal balance, through the regulated exchange of matter and energy with the outside.

It is a form of balance that is made possible by a network of systems that achieve self-regulation in living beings. An example of homeostasis is self-regulation of body temperature.

All organism seeks to restore internal balance every time it is altered. These internal imbalances can occur both on the physiological and psychological levels; another of the properties of homeostasis of living beings is the elimination of toxic substances, in order to achieve stability and biological balance.
The human race is faced with one of the most violent and devastating threats. We are all in the midst of this unimaginable pandemic crisis, fighting internally in our bodies and souls to achieve stability in each of our dimensions: biological, psychological and spiritual. While we are terrified, distressed, locked up feeling like caged, powerless, manic animals, paralyzed with fear, within us there is a great battle, a war between two powerful opponents: a tiny microorganism which is only seen through a microscope and the greatness of the human spirit.

It is important for our salvation to raise the level of consciousness to appease our spirit and thus understand that “Our spiritual dimension

n never sickens.”
Our soul never goes out, our inner light never goes out. Now we only see bodies that are apparently sick and limited, we do not see their souls, but we feel their warm presence and honor each of those suffering lives.

Even in the midst of this universal desolation, our incentive is to be certain that our lives have a spiritual purpose. This spiritual purpose is the task to which we are called to fulfill the passage of our lives through earthly and bodily existence.

We have to find the answer we must give to life with every existential question that he asks us through what weighs the most in our interior; what are you going to do with this situation that overwhelms so much and stuns you?

This situation, like your life itself, has a spiritual purpose, an existential task, which you must perform to learn from it and grow spiritually. Existing hurts, since we are thrown into the world we begin to survive with tears and fear.

How to restore yourself? How to nourish your soul when your inner reserves are depleted and dried up to the last vital and emotional cells? Where are you going to recharge, save yourself, hide? His soul asks for a refuge.

The soul, is the divinity present within you, is your sacred center, your most invaluable and imperishable inner wealth. So, if it’s such a beautiful and precious thing, why does it hurt? Why do you suffer? Why do you sometimes scream until you suffocate him?

The soul moves down unsafe, dark, dangerous, solitary paths and, when it leaves every tunnel into the light, understands that it is the only way to the birth of true inner wisdom.

Dare to break your chains and meet your true self, emerging from its darkness and the darkness that surrounds you. Only you can decide which side you want to live on, whether in the light or in the dark.

Your soul is his “sacred GPS”, which we call intuition and is nothing less than the voice of God within him. His intuition is the GPS of his spirit and points out the route that leads him to fullness. It’s the silent voice of the soul.

You can take your ears to try not to listen to it, but as you walk along the path of your life, your soul is beaten, weeping, and crying when it does not live according to your spiritual values; then there will come a day when face will fall on earth and that will be the sacred moment in which the spiritual journey from its annihilation to its enlightenment will travel.

To die to your notion of “I, is the first step you must climb to start walking on the path of self-knowledge, to break the invisible chains of which you yourself have become imprisoned and that today drown and gag your soul.

This is the time to pause your life! Look at it as if you were a spectator of a feature film in which you are the protagonist, ask yourself this existential question: Do you like who you are in that movie? Do you like who you’ve been for years? If the answer is NOT the time to rethink its existence and modify it to reach fullness and happiness, achieve self-realization.

Then move away from the chaotic world in which you struggle to stand in balance, descend from the refuge in which you have decided to hide to try to protect your soul, for your enlightenment will be real when you manage to maintain your inner light, even living in the world of darkness that surrounds you.

Learning to master the runaway horses of his mind, now during obligatory confinement, exercising the spiritual art of detachment, renunciation of power, to be deceived, to recognize the masks that cover their active wounds, to submit their fears, to release all kinds of resentment, to cleanse and purify their soul from emotional toxins, to maintain spiritual humility even in moments of success, to see failure as a spiritual school, to master your senses to live in reflective mode and to come out of animal mode, to find emotional self-nutrition so as not to fall into the need for approval of others, are the spiritual tasks I invite you to perform to find the happiness and fullness of your soul. That’s the answer we should give to the question that comes disguised as a tiny crowned monster, the coronavirus.


My Soul Pill this week:

When your stability struggles to sustain yourself in the midst of an unstable world, you must understand that your inner anchor is the only option to stay calm.


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