Hyaluronic acid, star of infiltrations in aesthetic medicine consultations, now demonstrates its effectiveness in ending that tired-looking look produced by dark circles. It is essential, however, to choose a hyaluronic adapted to this area, with certain characteristics such as a low capacity to retain water.

In recent times, hyaluronic acid has become, in its own right, one of the main assets of esthetic clinics, specifically in the application of infiltrations.

Every good facial treatment seeks to achieve hydrated, soft and smooth skin. Hyaluronic acid was the most reliable and proven option when it comes to increasing volume, defining, profiling or simply moisturizing lips. Now, moreover, it is proving to be a great option to fight dark circles.

However, you cannot use any type of product. “For the peculiarities of the eye (presence of vasculo-nervous elements, very fine skin, problems of lymphatic drainage…), we need a hyaluronic acid that does not catch too much water. We know that it is a hygroscopic molecule, that is, that it attracts water and therefore hydrates, but depending on how it is designed that product will present that capacity to a greater or lesser extent. Redensity2, from Teoxane, meets these conditions perfectly,” explains Dr Laura Cubells, dermatologist and aesthetic physician at the Alexandria Clinic in Valencia.

This hyaluronic acid gel has been designed in the laboratory to specifically treat dark circles. Dr. José Manuel Fernández Rodríguez, Medical Director of Centre Mudic i D’Estética (Barcelona), details its characteristics.“It consists of a 70% cross-linked hyaluronic acid (this determines the durability of the product once injected), at a low concentration, so that it has a low hygroscopic capacity and does not give an over-collection of water. And a 30% non-cross-linked hyaluronic, which allows the structural dermus complex containing the product to be vehicular to the skin”.

What is this resort? “It is a compound of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and a vitamin B6, naturally present in our body, which achieves an improvement in the redensification and quality of the skin,” she adds. In this way, while filling the depression of the dark circle, it manages to soften the dark coloration of the area and leave the skin soft, smooth and glowing. The perfect cocktail for a refreshed and younger look.

The secret to rejuvenating the look.

What type of dark circles can be treated with hyaluronic acid?: Those that appear from tiredness, stress, allergies, the passage of time, those of hereditary origin outside of age… It is important, however, that the patient presents a groove, from the tear or inner edge of the eye to the region of the cheek, which will be the area to be treated.

How is the treatment: After a precise diagnosis of the area, the hyaluronic acid is injected into a deep plane either with a cannula (it would be done from an external approach point, such as the cheekbone) or with a needle. The procedure is quick – about 20 minutes -, painless and the results are practically immediate in that single session. Many professionals recommend a second visit a month later for possible touch-ups. Afterwards, the duration of the infiltration is approximately one year.

How is the recovery ?: Immediate. It is a minimally invasive procedure. In any case, you may experience a reaction such as a slight bruise and / or slight inflammation in the area. You can lead a normal life, although it is recommended to avoid exercise for 24-48 hours and apply SPF if bruises appear.
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