After  just over two weeks of Covid-19 isolation, our skin is suffering the effects of lack of vitamin D, overexposure to blue light and stress. The importance of maintaining healthy, well-groomed and well-hydrated skin has gained prominence in the media and, mainly, on social media.However, we must also bear in mind that if all this happens (which we firmly hope so will) we have to think about how to combat the negative effects on the dermis.

There is a wide variety of beauty centers, but if what you are looking for is professionalism and personalized attention taking care of the smallest detail, your best option is The Nail Corner, because not only do their work well (which too), but they have managed to take a turn nut to the most traditional concepts, enderiving to offer a bespoke, exclusive, green and tremendously pleasant service, either innovating with new philosophies or implementing the most cutting-edge techniques and treatments.

Maryori Matallana Cuervo, owner and manager, tells us that her center has a wide range of facial and body treatments and also different manicure and pedicure techniques, as it does not mean to give them a touch on hands and feet.

One of the most sought-after treatments is the Kobido facial massage (which means “old beauty path”) or “Japanese facial lifting”, a perfect technique for renewing our skin after the ravages of isolation.

According to Maryori Matallana, an expert in this treatment, Kobido’s facial massage is famous for its natural facelift effect. Activates circulation, relaxes the muscles by means of a massage worked from the depth of the muscle, which favors the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. “With a single session you get a brighter, rested and firmed skin,” he says. “In addition to this, the Kobido massage provides a therapeutic effect that relieves tension pains such as bruxism or headaches.”

“Now there are many circulating tutorials in the networks that try to teach the benefits of this technique and how to apply them from home, but the truth is that, to obtain the greatest effectiveness, it is advisable to leave it in the hands of properly trained professionals, since only they can work thoroughly the facial muscles, perform good lymphatic drainage and mobilize fat” says the manager of The Nail Corner.

Kobido’s facial massage will become the perfect ally after isolation. Not only for healthy, radiant skin, but above all for the therapeutic benefits indicated, they will also help us relax, combat stress and anxiety and ocular discomfort that logically occur, since we now spend more than 12 hours glued to our computers. smartphones and tvs.

Maryori Matallana Cuervo is a Colombian businesswoman based in Madrid for 20 years, expert in facial and body treatment and specialized, also, in apparatusology and manual therapies. As the owner and director of The Nail Corner, what characterizes her is her professionalism and excellence in offering a wide range of high quality services, specialized and totally personalized, combining the most innovative technology.Her dedication and passion for this profession makes The Nail Corner synonymous with beauty, well-being and health and is at the forefront of trends, techniques and treatments.


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