This is the title of a book by writer and speaker Louise Lynn Hay, a bestseller in her day and still remains a benchmark in terms of self-help and personal growth. She had a serious illness that mainly overcame her positive spirit and way of looking at life. At the moment we think it is important to bring some of your thoughts because, not only do they help us overcome illness and depression, but they drive us to a better life at all times. A life that is based on inner strength and personal and collective decisions.

The book collects not only personal contributions but also thoughts of ancient Eastern philosophies that base the improvement of life on the inner power of people.

These are some of the reflections and tips we can read in this wonderful book:

“We should recover our physical and emotional energies to rebalance our bodies and minds”

“Whatever our attitude in the inner world, by the way we feel and think, there will be effects on the outside world around us. And what we give in the outside world will be what, in the medium or long term, we receive, and allow us peace of mind and avoid unease”

“Hurry is a great enemy of achieving our achievements efficiently and lastingly. Everything requires a first impulse, a subsequent analysis and letting our activities unfold, not as our desires are, but as life proposes in its stages”

“Learn to purify yourself outside and inwardly. Outer and inner health are intimately related”

“Breathe. Learn to breathe. A periodic cycle over nine aspirations from time to time helps you, not only to better keep your lungs better, but also, by exhaling the inspired air, to relax your body and mind. And to eliminate all that evil that sometimes accumulates inside”


“In moments of restlessness, stay a few moments silent with your eyes closed and, at the same time that you are aware of your breathing, recite a mantra.

Orientals have the Ohm… repeated slowly and gently. But you can choose any soft word that means something personal to you. Prayer is a mantra for religious people”

“When a negative thought for you or those you want is installed in your mind, delete it, don’t listen to it”


“A smile and thinking that we all belong to Humanity and are not so different help and help us”

“The disease is not overcome by the body. It is overcome by the spirit that gives strength to the body, even if science and progress help”