The new trend in the world of beauty and skin care is naturalness; Having beautiful, cared for and healthy skin is now in the minds of all Beauty brands.Kyle Skin by Kylie Jenner, Fenty Skin by Rihanna, Jlo Beauty by Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham Beauty by Victoria Beckham, Baby Phat Beauty by Kimora Lee Simmons or Magnet Cosmetic Skincare by Iman, among others, and now Clementyne Cosmetic by Guillermina Mekuy, who comes ready to enhance the beauty of women and men, facilitating life, protection and skin care to all those who love their health and beauty.

The launch of this skincare collection is a natural extension of its own expression: High quality, sustainable and sophisticated products that offer features that cover all the demands and needs of all skin types. Clementyne products are added to the personality and sensitivity of Guillermina Mekuy.

Guillermina Mekuy, founder of Clementyne Cosmetic on the set chatting with some of the brand ambassadors

Clementyne Cosmetic is committed to a collection of skin care and protection, which has been designed from natural ingredients and that embraces the beauty of all tones, thus celebrating the diversity in skin color.

Texture, freshness, hydration, protection and innovation are part of its main characteristics. Products designed under the highest standards, and offering the highest quality and excellence at affordable prices.

Clementyne (Clé)’s mission and function is to offer a wide range of products with the best value for men and women worldwide, presenting a cosmetic line based on the inclusive idea of caring for the characteristics of different skins.

Normal, oily, dry, mixed, pigmented, spotted, etc. will find the best products designed for them. Clementyne Cosmetic also puts a special focus and attention on hyperpigmented skins, a feature faced by black women.

“When creating Clementyne, we chose a simple and clear approach, focusing on what really matters, that is, developing products with effective ingredients that enable us to offer our customers a great value for money,” said the founder.

In contrast to other types of long-lasting facial routines, Clementyne is committed to , providing multi-function products that make skin care easy in a few simple steps.

The collection has a total of 5 lines of innovative products, which have a selection of ingredients with scientifically proven results, so that each product meets its objective.

L´Exquise protects, cares, moisturizes, rejuvenates all skin types. Its products Micellar water, Revitalized peeling, Luxe mask, Golden heart, and Brightening night offer a wide range of skin care alternatives.

Hydra Revolution, Clementyne hydration line. Its two Hydra extra luxe and Hydra advanced products provide the necessary hydration for the day-to-day life of all skin types.

Evinayong Umbrella and its products Golden serum, lighting up, dream body, tones, hydrates and restores the luminosity of your skin.

Z Generation, designed for the youngest, who should definitely start with these products for the care and protection of their skin. Its products Serum night and Cleasing one step, clean, care for and protect the skin of the youngest.

Revolution for men, designed for male skin. Its product Lui, gives the skin of men the care, protection and nutrition necessary for skin of a different type, normally, to that of women.

Behind the impact of the Clementyne Cosmetic collection, created by Guillermina Mekuy, is a much more relevant and inspiring message than the sale of the products itself: create a new skin care culture and preserve beauty in a personalized way by using versatile products that fit perfectly with every lifestyle.

Packaging of Clementyne products not only has a minimalist, elegant, discreet and practical design, but is also made from recycled and certified elements, and also has the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) label that promotes responsible environmental management. socially beneficial and economically viable of forests around the world.

Guillermina Mekuy at the TNC nails&beauty in Madrid

The products are totally respectful with the environment both in their formulas and in their ecological packaging.

“The commitment to the environment is essential to comply with the sustainability of the raw materials that are part of our products” explains the founder.

The new Clementyne cosmetic line, which carries the colloquial name of Clé in its packaging, is a line with a new approach and supports diversity as a fundamental element. Your slogan is a statement of intent, which reflects the quality and personalization of your products: “No one cares more, no one cares better”. Or as Guillermina Mekuy says: “Clementyne is for you”.


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