With In & Out Massage we cover your entire body applying the EVOCARE radio frequency through draining and reducing massage techniques. Marta Barrero and Elena Ramos, pharmacists, experts in dermocosmetics and directors of The Secret Lab tell us:

“This treatment is a fine-tuning of our body, and is especially recommended for people who wish to carry out purification processes, since it activates the lymphatic system, helping to purify, eliminate fluids and toxins and improve intestinal transit. Evocare’s alkalizing power supports cellular health and functionality. In addition, the reducing and draining manual maneuvers help to burn fat, improve circulation, tone… It involves a 10 massage to take care of our interior and look great on the outside

The wellness and health of the body are the basis for achieving the best results in body aesthetic treatments. In & OutMassage is designed to work both planes, exterior (skin) and interior (deep tissue), through a powerful massage with which we travel the entire body using manual draining and reducing techniques, using the EVOCARE radio frequency that, in addition to reshaping, recovers the alkaline tendency of cell tissues.

The hands of the beautician technician become electrodes, thanks to cuffs that he places on his arms and that are connected to the EVOCARE equipment. By being able to conduct electromagnetic waves through any part of the body with our hands, we manage to optimize and enhance each massage movement. First by means of preparation and kneading maneuvers, then performing an energetic friction and ironing movements and, finally, with lymphatic drainage maneuvers, we work abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms and back to help detoxify the body, avoid fluid retention , activate circulation and, at the same time, reshape, reduce volume and fight localized fat.

The benefits of this protocol are completed with the alkalinization of cellular tissues that we achieve with EVOCARE. PH is a great indicator of the state of health of our body. Factors such as poor diet, high levels of stress, or pollution, cause our PH to acidify, favoring the development of diseases. Thanks to the ions generated by this radio frequency, we are able to recover the alkaline tendency of the cells, making our body stronger and healthier.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: € 80 / session

Recommended sessions: 1 weekly session for 3 months and 1 maintenance session every 15-20 days

Zurbano, 4 Lower Left
Madrid (Madrid)
Tel: 910 291 159


Source: The Beauty Newsroom