Between the sea and the Andes, from the driest desert in the world to the Patagonian glaciers, a splendid and unique landscape that fascinates those who admire nature and outdoor life develops.

The pure air that emanates from the more than 4,000 kilometers of coastline, the immensity of the desert in the north, oases, dunes and the freshness and beauty of the forests, always green in the southern zone, share the stage in the amazing Chilean territory.

In northern Chile we discover deserts, warm beaches and snowy peaks. The landscapes of this area have in common a breathtaking beauty. Northern Chile, its cities, hot springs and natural beauty welcome you. The highlight for visitors is:

The Pan de azúcarNational Parkwhich has an area of ​​43,769 hectares, are divided between the Communes of Chañaral, in the Atacama Region, and Taltal in the Antofagasta. The excellent beaches of this Park allow a wide range of recreational and recreational activities: swimming, walks and walks along the coast, sport fishing, observation of its varied fauna … There are also places to observe and admire ancient archaeological and historical vestiges.

The Fray Jorge National Forest Park, perfect for excursions and walks along its trails and canyons. The main attraction is its humid forest, with large-leaved trees, vines, mosses, lichens, cinnamon, boldo and olivillos, with similar characteristics to those found in the south of the country. Among its fauna, the most common mammal we find is the culpeo fox. The birds that attract the most attention, due to their abundance and frequency, are the partridges, quails, eagles and eaglets, hawks … and also smaller birds such as loicas, goldfinches, Turks, chincoles, diucas, yales and picadores.

In the central area of Chilewe will find generous valleys, also beaches on the coast and places with great tradition, ancient customs and crafts. All the landscapes of this area are of an overwhelming beauty.

La Campana National Park,declared a Biosphere Reserve is also one of the most representative natural areas of the central area of the country.

Rapa Nui National Parkis the most complete and well-kept site on Easter Island. Rapa Nui is full of wonderful places, such as the city of Hanga Roa, and incredible unique volcanoes in the world, paradisiacal beaches, archaeological settlements, even caves of time immemorial.

Finally, the Chilean South zonestands out for its exuberant nature and variety, full of lakes, forests and a magical harmony, of stunning beauty.

The radal Siete Tazas National Reserveimpresses with the natural water games of the Claro River. The area stands out for the thick native vegetation, composed of Raulí, mañío, laurel, oak, coigüe, cypress, radal, olivillo, among others, and also for the beautiful waterfalls formed by the tributaries of the Claro River, such Las Siete Tazas.

The Villarica National Reserve stands out for the Villarica volcano and the ski resort of the same name. It contains a mountain landscape of a rich and varied flora and fauna. It is an important natural area, especially protected by the State, which has, in addition to the main volcano, with two more: the Lanín and the Quetrupillán and presenting wooded plateaus up to 1,500 meters of altitude.

Finally, we can not fail to mention The famous Patagonia, a territory in the extreme south of Chile and that shares this country with Argentina. In it, we must highlight impressive places that the traveler can not miss: from Torres del Paine National Park, to the Perito Moreno Glacier, in whose presence we face an ice wall that is 5 kilometers long and 69 meters high. It is also  mandatory to navigate, taking advantage of the visit to Gray Lake.

Another of the wonderful Patagonian places is the inimitable Fitz Roy, which mantains a constant sharp shape, so it receives the nickname of shark teeth. To visit it, you have to reach the town of Chaltén, from where innumerable trekking routes depart.

We can really ensure that all Chile is of an almost unsurpassed beauty, with an exquisite variety of natural reserves, not forgetting the charm of two large cities, the capital, Santiago, a city of the most peculiar and beautiful on the planet that combines modernity with tradition, as well as Valparaíso, a beautiful coastal city with great tourist and cultural activity.

Without any doubt, Chile is a country to meet if we have not yet had the opportunity to do so.