• Starting tomorrow, February 25, coinciding with the usual dates of the fair, the URVANITY SOLO SHOWS 2021 network will start, about twenty individual exhibitions by 22 outstanding artists.
  • Also in February URVANITY LAB is presented, a label that includes collaborations with artists for the launch of products and limited editions.
  • In the month of May, from 27 to 30, the face-to-face version will take place at COAM headquarters (Hortaleza, 63). It will be its fifth edition.

Urvanity 2021 will be held in two parts. As of February 25, in a first act, galleries from London, Bogotá, Caracas, New York or Amsterdam will join Spanish galleries to present, in individual exhibitions, the work of an artist represented by each one, under the name of URVANITY SOLO SHOWS. A way to enter the New Contemporary Art from any computer, mobile or tablet through //urvanity-art.com. An online platform will allow us to know proposals, buy and access personalized content. Access is free – by registration. After the 28th, it will be open to all audiences for a month.

Another novelty for 2021 is the presentation – digital in February and face-to-face in May – of Urvanity LAB, a collaboration between the fair and some artists through which products and limited editions will be developed. The goal is to support creators beyond Urvanity and promote collecting. A precedent is found in the 2020 collaboration between Urvanity and Canadian artist Ryan Heska.

“Bringing art in other formats allows connecting with all kinds of audiences, leaving the environment of the fair and returning to the street again”, explains Sergio Sancho, director and founder of Urvanity.

The appointment at COAM

The second part of Urvanity 2021 will take place from May 27 to 30 in person. It will be, as every year, at its COAM headquarters (Hortaleza, 63), where the more than twenty galleries from all over the world that participate, will bring to Madrid the most groundbreaking New Contemporary Art. With 2,000 m2 and 22 galleries confirmed today, the fair will be a safe and adapted space to comply with all current sanitary, distancing and capacity measures.
Since its inception, the objective of Urvanity has been to vindicate various languages ​​in popular culture that, since its appearance, has established a new dialogue with modernity, reinforcing the current artistic panorama. In this way, the fair highlights artistic expressions that emerged in urban contexts from the 70s onwards, such as post-graffiti, surrealist pop or the new pop art.