Vetusta Morla is a Spanish indie rock band from Tres Cantos, Madrid, which composes and sings its songs in Spanish. After nine years of musical career, playing in small rooms and at different university events, in February 2008, they released their first compact, “Un día en el mundo”. Three years later, in 2011, they released their second album, “Mapas”. Its first original components Pucho, Guillermo Galván, David García, Juan Manuel Latorre and Jorge González continue to form the core of the band and its blending and style has taken Vetusta Morla to the top of the music scene. Currently they have given concerts and have had performances all over the world and are considered as the Spanish group in active internationally for their quality and originality. The name is already rare and strange at times, but it relates to the wise tortoise, the old Morla, who advises Atreyu on her journey of the famous story of the Endless Story. Already the name is a clear element of originality, but so are his musics and lyrics, as well as some song titles, which are own and composed by them: Los días raros, Maldita dulzura, Consejo de sabios…. Others have names of mythical places, such as the wonderful Copenhagen theme, a song of freedom and that is an absolutely exceptional topic.

In 2020, they have started a new tour throughout Europe and America to present their fifth album and will start with a new concert in Madrid, their original place and universal launch platform, chosen place, for many reasons, for the beginning of their journey, although they are many of the concerts starred by the group since that unforgettable five years ago in the La Riviera hall, where Copenhagen premiered. Just before that concert in May 2014, they told Pucho, the singing voice of the group and an undoubted leader, that this would surely be their last minority concert and that, from that moment they were going to fill Sports Palaces and large spaces throughout the World. “Ugh, there’s still a long way to go,” said the singer of the Madrid sextet. Who knows if Pucho and the whole sextet would remember the anecdote when they prepared their performance three consecutive nights on the venue. “Where ivy does not dare to climb and dawn in secret,” said Juan Pedro Martín, knowing that the 15,000 witnesses of the act kept in the memory the letters of the entire repertoire.


There is “vetustamorlamania” because they are a different, novel group. His followers enjoy each performance with a superb repertoire that changes, but that remains in his best-known themes and that they have integrated into his personal system of values. Vetusta Morla are not only the best band that has granted the new century to Spain, but also lead to an unwavering militancy. They were rare and are now adorably rare and a symbol of difference. And besides, they get excited. Maldita Dulzura, another iconic theme, creates an emotion like few other universal themes of already mythical groups. And they continue to perform, in addition to the new ones, songs like Saharabbey road that bring to madness their fans. Never has a minority group, that was at first, managed to be as majority as Vetusta Morla. And they continue and will continue to grow in the coming years. They are truly unstoppable.