The VP PLAZA ESPAÑA DESIGN hotel meets, without a doubt, this popular Madrid saying in the last century. What Madrid is a splendid place, besides being the capital of Spain and one of the most cosmopolitan European and world cities is something that any traveler and tourist knows perfectly. Madrid, and its magnificent theatrical, cinematographic, pictorial and monumental offer, in addition to its singular palaces and buildings and its historical and modern part, is one of the most attractive destinations on the planet. That is why in Madrid there is an important offer of luxury hotels of all kinds. Perhaps the most unique of all is the one inaugurated relatively recently, the VP PLAZA ESPAÑA DESIGN, a very special five-star hotel that, without any doubt, offers something that no other hotel offers. Designed and directed in its realization, including building, by Javier Pérez, son of two great vocational hoteliers in Madrid, founders of the VP chain (which already worked with 4 high-level establishments) the VP PLAZA ESPAÑA goes even further in the splendid VP chain offer. Because everything in it is unique: from the rooms (214) with nine different typologies, to its services and some peculiarities that no other hotel offers in Madrid. The VP PLAZA SPAIN is the best soundproof hotel we know. To the double soundproofing on the walls of every luxury hotel adds a double over the double, so that the only sound that the client hears in his room is the one he voluntarily desires. This, in the heart of Madrid is something unique.

The location is another of its values. With direct views one of the great squares of the capital, the Plaza de España, and located a few meters from Madrid’s Gran Vía and the Senate building and the Royal Palace and the Opera, the VP DESIGN (also named for its design and the collection of works of art that he treasures) also has a 1000 square meter terrace with the best views of Madrid. From it you can see an amazing panorama.

Not only the places already mentioned, but also the “Madrid de los Austrias” and the grand horizon of sunsets over the temple of Debod,  Parque del Oeste and Casa de Campo.

Forsure the experience lived from the Grinkgo Bar and its location in the hotel is one of the most unforgettable that the traveler can experience. For something in its two short years of existence it has hosted princes, ambassadors, figures from the world of song and famous and known people around the world. Decorated mainly in ocher and gray tones, with its variants, it is a hotel of minimalist but comfortable and really beautiful design. If we add that incredible – and really unique – offer of services (from advice on purchases and visits, high-end cars available to customers, etc.)

 We will have to consider VP PLAZA SPAIN as one of the best and most special hotels of the world.