“It improves metabolic factors, burns calories, reduces vascular risk, strengthens the immune system and prevents cognitive deterioration, among other elements” clarifies Inma Blanquer, director of Assari.

“Yes we can improve our physical condition and our health by exercising, Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking, it is one of the best alternatives”, points out the director of the Assari Center (www.assari.es). “It consists of walking vigorously with the impulse provided by specific canes and its popularity is growing rapidly in our country due to all the benefits it offers for health, its simplicity of learning, and the recommendation of doctors and biomechanical studies”, she continues. Inma Blanquer. “This moderate cardio exercise helps weight control, improves metabolic and vascular risk factors, strengthens the immune system and prevents cognitive decline, among other benefits.”

It is a comprehensive aerobic exercise that works simultaneously: resistance, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It is adjustable in intensity for each person, age, previous physical condition and objective. In addition, it improves posture and is practiced outdoors in contact with nature.

This technique is highly recommended for women who suffer from or have suffered from breast cancer because it requires moving the arms back and forth in an energetic way, which is a perfect exercise when your axillary lymph nodes have been removed for this type of Cancer. This movement becomes a “rehabilitation” of a lymphadenectomy and is the best way to prevent lymphedema.

“I got to know Nordic Walking when I suffered from cancer, they told me about its benefits and I signed up for an introductory course lasting 3 hours, and I liked it so much that I started practicing it every weekend. After that, we started offering it in Assari ”, recalls Inma Blanquer, director of Assari.

What are its benefits?

– Exercises 90% of the muscles of the body (upper and lower body).

– It involves a significant consumption of calories, close to that of jogging or running lightly.

– Minimizes the impact on joints, improves posture and vertebral alignment.

– A perfect activity for any age and physical condition, since it adapts in intensity to the person.

– It is advised to cardiological and oncological patients and in elderly people, it reduces the risk of falls and delays aging.

– Reduce stress. It is practiced preferably “outdoors”, in contact with nature or in parks. And usually in a group, which means the opportunity to network and socialize.

– It is an enormously varied activity, fun and easy to learn, which usually causes us to “hook” on it immediately.

Initiation Workshops and Weekly Classes

Assari organizes Initiation Workshops on Saturdays and Sundays in El Retiro Park, in Madrid. In just three hours you learn the basic technique to practice this sport. The workshop is entertaining, practical and for small groups. They also offer training and improvement classes for those who seek continuity and monthly field trips to enjoy nature in the vicinity of Madrid. At this time, due to the pandemic, practicing outdoor sports is increasingly in demand.

About Assari

Assari is a 360 degree Health & Wellness Clinic with a wide range of services in the area of ​​health care, physical exercise, wellness and beauty. Since its creation in 1999, they have cared for 14,000 people and performed more than 90,000 treatments and consultations. It has a multidisciplinary team, made up of doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, trainers, physical trainers and therapists from different disciplines. Its objective, as pointed out by its director and founder, Inma Blanquer, is “to offer efficient, personalized and excellent quality care in a pleasant and relaxing environment.”


Source: www.thebeautynewsroom.com