The commemorative days serve, fundamentally, to remind us of important facts and things. The commemoration is not always festive. Sometimes it is about raising awareness and supporting the fight against threats to Humanity. Such is the case of World Breast Cancer Day, which is celebrated this October 19 all over the planet.

Cancer is, in general, a serious threat to the health of all human beings. And, within it, breast cancer is a big problem for all women. A cancer that, thanks to prevention and medical check-ups, can be controlled and even cured if it is not in very advanced stages. That is why the wake-up call that this day supposes must be attended by all women, especially after the end of puberty. The incidence of this type of tumor is higher in women in what we could call middle age, but there are also many cases in young women, especially when there is a family history. Always, but more so in this case, periodic reviews should be made.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and therefore everyone should pay attention to the issue. The World Health Organization has declared the month of October as the month of awareness on the subject, with the 19th being the date chosen as the key day of attention. According to the WHO, every 30 seconds a breast cancer is diagnosed somewhere on the planet. In Spain, specifically, 25,000 cases are diagnosed annually.

Many celebrities actively support this day by taking an active part in awareness events and campaigns, including actresses like Demi Moore and Jennifer Aston and singers like Alicia Keys. The three jointly launched various projects in the media. One of them was the short film Five, which tells the story of five women who overcame the disease.

The color chosen as a symbol of the struggle is pink and that is why some municipalities have illuminated the facades of emblematic buildings with this color. Even this past Sunday in some football matches, some teams wore pink as a tribute to women who suffer or fight against this disease, such was the case of Real Madrid, Barcelona and the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas among others.

In these moments when the fight against Covid seems the highest priority, we cannot forget other patients who are fighting for life. The pandemic has slowed down examinations and it is a clear goal that, despite the situation and fear of the virus, examinations of apparently healthy people are not abandoned. Cancer is a silent enemy and one of the causes of the highest mortality in the world. Catching it in time, with its prevention and early diagnosis, will help save many lives. Let’s celebrate this day seriously and with hope. Because hope is the greatest strength of Humanity.